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Fresh Paint Windows 10 Preview released at the Windows Store

Fresh Paint Windows 10 Preview released at the Windows Store

by AshwinMay 18, 2015

Microsoft’s Fresh Paint for Windows is available in a brand new version.


The app originally made its debut on Windows 8, nearly three years ago in 2012.

Fresh Paint should not be confused with MS Paint, the classic image editing tool in Windows. As the name suggests, Fresh Paint is an app which can be used for painting. You can use the app to paint,  using a mouse on Windows PCs, and a stylus on touch screen Windows devices.

It has various tools for editing and drawing, including water colours, pencils, brushes and more. You can create your own paintings with ease using the extensive tools available.

You can download Microsoft Fresh Paint for Windows, for free on any device running Windows 8, or 8.1 or 10. Just head over to the Windows Store listing for the app, and download it.

Fresh Paint Windows 10 Preview:

The latest version of the app, Fresh Paint Windows 10 Preview, is compatible with devices running on Windows 10. It improves on the original app and introduces a plethora of new offerings.

The start screen of the app remains the same, but the new image screen has changed. Look at the screenshots:

Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1 interface:


Fresh Paint Windows 10 Preview interface:


The biggest change in the UI, is the tool palette. The older version of the app merely allowed you to toggle off the tool bar. The preview app, has a moveable tool bar, and can also be collapsed by clicking on the palette icon. The brushes are also better looking. The toolbar has buttons for colors, brushes and the canvas.

The buttons for import, save and other options have been shifted to the Hamburger Menu on the top left.

Here is the full list of features in Fresh Paint Windows 10 Preview:

  • Intuitive UI, supporting touch, mouse, and stylus input
  • Accelerated graphics rendering technology to provide the most realistic digital painting experience possible
  • Import images, photos and even use your camera to capture an inspirational image to paint with
  • Print your artworks with high definition
  • Draw or paint with watercolor, oil, pencil and pastel
  • Comes with two free activity packs for a fun ‘coloring book’ experience
  • Natural pressure sensitivity allows precise control of the thickness of brush strokes

WinBeta reports that since this is a preview version of the app, it also has some bugs. If you wish to use the full features of the app, Microsoft recommends using the Fresh Paint app for Windows 8.1.

Download Fresh Paint Windows 10 Preview from the Windows Store. The app is just around 107MB, and is available in 30 languages.