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G Data Total Security Review

G Data Total Security Review

by February 4, 2016

G Data Total Security Review

G Data Total Security is one of the most advanced security applications on the software market. This product offers a comprehensive solution for reliable and thorough protection of the system thanks to using two advanced antimalware engines- Bitdefender and G Data CloseGap.

G Data Total Security includes all necessary features such as antivirus, web protection, firewall, parental control, device control, system tuning, encryption and backup.

Download and Installation- The process of installing and configuring the program is quite simple; even novice users can cope with it without any problems and efforts. The first thing you have to do is to visit the official website and download the installer (the installer is quite big; more than 250 MB in size).

The installation procedure is performed with the help of the special setup wizard; all you need is to follow its instructions and select those parameters that you need. The following steps are required for the installation of the program:

The First Step- Language Selection- G Data Total Security is multilingual, so you have the possibility to choose the desired language. The program supports, for example, English, German, French, Italian, and so on.

Installation 1

The Second Step- Method of installation- this step allows you to select one of two installation methods offered by the program- Standard (all the components and tools will be installed if you choose this method. It is recommended for most users) and User-defined (this method allows you to choose and customize the functions and protection modules). The second installation method has been chosen by me. In addition, you have the possibility to participate in the Malware Information Initiative, i.e. activate a special cloud service for sending and analyzing suspicious files.

Installation 2

The Third Step- License Agreement- in this step you can familiarize yourself with the license agreement and accept its terms if they are acceptable for you.

Installation 3

The Fourth Step- Installation Folder- by default all components of the program are installed in the Program Files folder, but you can change the location.

Installation 4

The Fifth Step- Scope of Installation- G Data Total Security offers three different scopes of installation- Complete (all components of the program will be installed), User-defined (you can manually choose only those components you want to install; just uncheck those modules you do not need) and Minimal (only the most critical protection modules will be installed). Of course, I recommend you to select the complete scope of installation for maximal protection of your system.

After completing all five steps, the program will start installing selected components. It does not take much time; on the average about five minutes.

Installation 5

The Sixth Step- Program Activation- there are two options at your disposal- Activate full version (if you have got a registration code, you can immediately activate the program) and Activate trial version (for activating the trial version and using all its features for 30 days for free, you need to enter some credentials, i.e. the first and last name, email, and so on).

That is all. Now you can reliably protect your computer.

Installation 7

The Interface of the program- the main interface of G Data Total Security includes nine square tiles which are located at the top of the window and provide quick access to the protection modules of the program. They are as follows:

Security Center- it is a main screen of the program. It displays info about the security status of the system; for example, you can view details about enabled and disabled protection modules, i.e. real time protection, firewall, web protection, etc., license, virus signatures, web and app protection.

Interface- Security center 1

Virus Protection- it contains tools for running different scan methods and provides you with info about quarantined files. In addition, in this section you can create a special bootable disk of USB drive to check the computer for viruses when it is unbootable.

Interface- Virus Protection 2

Firewall- here you can view the current state of your system firewall and configure some network rules.

Interface- Firewall 3

Backup- this section allows you to back up your important files and folders and the entire system.


Tuner- in this tile you can find a lot of additional options and settings to tune up your system security, performance and data protection.


Parental Control- with the help of this utility you can create some computer usage and network rules and effectively control and monitor your children’s web activity.

Parental Control

Encryption- this utility will help you to create a special encrypted safe and store important files and folders there to prevent their unauthorized use.


Autostart Manager- here you can manage and control startup items and services.

Autostart manager

Device Control- this tool offers a lot of effective options for controlling and administering various devices connected to the computer.

Device Control

The Main Features of the Program

Encryption- do you want to store your important documents and folders in the fireproof and bulletproof safe and keep them away from prying eyes. If it is so, you can take full advantage of the encryption tool offered by the program. With the help of the special assistant, you have the possibility to create and configure a storage container where you can save your sensitive files and folders reliably. In just three easy steps you can create this safe container; all you need is to specify your Safe parameters (for example, the name of the safe, file system, and so on), Storage location and the Size of the safe (the program allows you to select the desired safe size both manually and automatically; in the manual mode, you can specify the exact size by moving the slides; in the automatic mode you can specify the estimated size of the safe, i.e. size of a CD- 650 MB, Blu-Ray- 25 GB, and so on) and Safe access (i.e. add a password to the safe to prevent its unauthorized use). That is all; now you can reliably store all your sensitive files and folders and nobody will be able to access them without your permission.

In addition, G Data Total Security also allows you to create a mobile safe, i.e. create this safe on a CD and DVD disk or any other removable media, for example, USB flash drive. The process of creating a mobile safe is practically the same; the only difference is that your data will be encrypted on the removable media, not on the internal hard drive. I think that this is a very needful feature of the program because not only your computer will be protected from the unauthorized use, but also any removable media you own.

Create safe 1

Create safe 2

Create safe 2.5

Create Safe 3

Create safe 5

Backup- it is needless to say that backups are very important because they help you to restore the previous state of the system or recover files and folders. G Data Total Security includes a special utility for backing up system files or folders on the one hand and the entire hard drive or partitions on the other hand.

The process of creating backups is very easy and includes several simple steps. In the first step you should select the Backup type (i.e. file backup or drive backup. Of these two types the former allows you to back up system files and folders and the second create a full backup of your hard drive or partitions).

In the second step, after selecting the desired type, for example, File backup, you should choose the target, i.e. the location where your backup will be stored. G Data Total Security allows you to save backups on the internal hard drive partitions or any removable media, for example, USB flash drive. In addition, you have the possibility to save your backups on the cloud services (for example, Dropbox or Google Drive) and FTP server.

In the third step you can schedule the backup task, i.e. you can specify the frequency of backup execution (for example, once, weekly, and so on), backup methods (i.e. partial, differential or incremental), and so on.

In the fourth step you can configure some additional backup options, for example, compression method, archive encryption, file exclusions, and so on.

All backed up files will appear in the backup management and action window. You have the possibility to restore them, apply some additional settings or view detailed logs which can be saved as a text files and even printed.

The drive backup is the same as file backup and includes the same steps as it.

Also, with the help of G Data Total Security you can perform some additional actions with backed up files, namely:

Administer online archives- it allows you to control and manage backups which are saved on the FTP servers.

Burn Archive- this tool allows you to burn created backups to CD or DVD disks. Creation of multisession disks is also supported by the program.

Import Archive- with the help of this tool you can import backups which are stored not on the internal hard drive, i.e. from the removable media, optical disks or cloud services.

Clone Hard Drive- it is a very useful feature of the program; it allows you to create an exact copy of your hard drive and then easily restore your system and programs on another hard drive or partition.

Create Boot Medium- it is necessary and needful to have got a special rescue disk or USB drive always at hand in order to be able to restore the functionality of the operating system if anything goes wrong with it. This tool allows you to create a bootable CD and DVD disk or USB stick and easily restore the previous state of the system.

Backup 1

File Backup 5

Boot Medium 1

Boot Medium 2

Device Control- as a rule we use different removable devices, i.e. USB sticks, external hard drives, smartphones, DVD disks, and so on. These devices may contain important files, more than that, malicious viruses. This tool allows you to control and administer all these devices and set up some rules for using them. For example, you have the possibility to block access to connected devices or allow only read access to them, and so on.

Device Control 1

Device Control 2

Autostart Manager- a lot of services and applications are started together with the operating system and greatly reduce the Windows boot time. This tool is specially created to manage these autostart services. With the help of it you can delay some heavy services and manually specify their start time after the system boot, for example, 2 minutes, and so on. Thanks to that, your system booting will be much faster.

AutoStart manager

Parental Control- do you take care of your children’s safety on the Internet? You do not want them to visit malicious and dangerous websites? Of course, you do! This great feature will help you to control and protect them from those websites. G Data Total Security offers a lot of useful possibilities and features that allow you to edit and configure your children’s activity on the web and on the computer.

You have the possibility to block those websites which contain info about drugs, violence, pornography, etc., on the one hand and select those categories of websites which are permitted, for example, TV Kids, travel, education, computer, etc., on the other hand.

You can also monitor computer and Internet usage of your children and select how long and what time they may work on the computer or access the Internet.

Parental Control- main window 1

Tuner- it goes without saying that it is crucial to protect the system from viruses and other malicious files and extensions, but it is also crucial to keep the system clean and speedy. With the help of this utility you can check the system for various vulnerabilities and after thorough check safely correct them. You have the possibility to search for Security issues (for example, you can check system configuration update status, enable some necessary settings, I.e. phishing filter in the Internet Explorer, attachment security in Microsoft Outlook, user account protection, and so on; and disable dangerous settings, i.e. the form data memory of the Internet Explorer, script execution in Media player, etc.), Performance issues (for example, defragment disks and disable unnecessary elements, i.e. invalid application references, driver information, shell commands, desktop shortcuts, and a lot of others) and Data Protection issues (this feature allows you to remove any privacy traces from the system, for example, Windows Explorer history lists, recent document history list, browser cookies and cache, and so on).

If you want to customize some parameters and settings, you can access the Configuration window and select the desired options; for example, you have the possibility to uncheck those modules which you do not want to be checked by the program, select folders and files which will be excluded from searches for temporary files.

In addition, G Data Total Security allows you to schedule the automatic tuning process, i.e. in other words, at specified time the program will run the tuning process without your intervention. All you need is to specify the desired hour, day, week or month and the exact execution time.

It is very important that the program includes a special Restore feature; so if anything goes wrong with the system configurations after the tuning process, you will be able to restore the previous state of the system.

G Data Total Security also offers a very useful utility to control installed browser extensions. This is a very needful utility because some of extensions may be malicious and infect the system. All these extensions are displayed in the Tuner window and you can disable or remove them if they are malicious. The program supports all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Tuner 1

Tuner 3

Tuner 5

Virus Protection- this section of the program offers different reliable scan methods to search your computer for viruses and other malware both manually and automatically. There are five scan methods at your disposal, namely:

All Local Drives- this is the most comprehensive scan mode of the program; all areas of the computer are thoroughly checked for viruses and therefore it takes much time to complete.

After checking, the program will display full details about each found suspicious and detected items, so you will be able to view the name of the infected files or objects, virus category, short description and directory. You can perform various actions with detected files, for example, disinfect and delete them or move to the quarantine.

Memory and Autostart- in this scan mode only memory and startup items are checked by the program. It is not long; only several minutes are required for its completion.

Check directories and files- this scan mode allows you to select files or directories manually and check only them for viruses without scanning the entire computer. All you need is to choose the desired drive or partition and any file or removable media connected to the computer.

Removable Media- this scan mode is specially designed to check only those files and folders which are on the removable media devices connected to the computer.

Check for Rootkits- this scan checks for rootkits only.

Of course, you can also enable an automatic virus check. All you need is to specify the name, select one of three analysis scopes and specify the desired time for the scan execution. In addition, you have the possibility to specify some additional settings, for example, antivirus engines, and so on.

This section also provides access to the quarantine where you can view all suspicious files detected by the program. You have the possibility to submit any suspicious file to the G Data team for farther analysis, delete and disinfect them or move back to the original location if you think that they are not malicious.

All local drive scan 1

Memory Check 1

Automatic virus check 4

Firewall- G Data Total Security has got a very reliable and advanced firewall which offers a wide range of protection modules. The firewall tab is divided into three sections- Status, Networks and Rule Sets.

In the Status section you have the possibility to view and customize the following options:

Security- G Data Total Security offers five different security levels- Firewall disabled (i.e. all firewall settings are disabled and no network activities are monitored), Low Security (i.e. only the most important applications are monitored), Standard Security (it is a default security level of the program; all applications are thoroughly monitored), High Security (this level provides the highest level of security) and Maximum Security (in this level the program provides maximum network protection).

Mode- two different modes are at your disposal- Autopilot Mode (in this mode the program performs all actions silently without informing users according to defined rules; it is a default and recommended mode of the program) and Manual Mode (in this mode, before creating a rule, the firewall will ask users what to do).

In addition, you can view a list of network attacks prevented by the program and with the help of the special utility called Application Radar, unblock applications blocked by the program.

In the Network section you have the possibility to view and edit a list of all networks which are available for the computer. G Data Total Security provides you with thorough details about each network (for example, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server, and so on) on the one hand and edit some network rules (for example, a list of blocked or trusted networks, etc.).

In the Rule Sets section you can create individual security levels for your networks. The program allows you to control access to the network, permit or block access to a network domain, specify file and printer sharing, and so on.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10


Internet connection for virus signature updates.


G Data Total Security is a comprehensive security package for safe and complete protection against malicious viruses. It provides maximum protection and reliably protect your system from malware and online threats.

After buying and installing G Data Total Security on the computer you may forget about viruses and online threats for good because thanks to two antivirus engines and a lot of other tools, it offers thorough protection not only against viruses, but also gives you plenty of other security possibilities such as encryption, parental control, backup, system tuning, and so on.



1. Complete protection from any malicious viruses.
2. Two advanced antivirus engines.
3. A lot of additional tools such as backup, encryption, etc.
4. Advanced firewall.
And plenty of others.



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“The comprehensive, all-around security package includes antivirus, firewall and encryption for the ultimate in data protection.”

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