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Genie Timeline Pro 2015 Review

Genie Timeline Pro 2015 Review

by February 20, 2015

Genie Timeline Pro 2015 Review

Having a good backup program is very essential for every computer user because it is like a fireproof safe for computer security. If you do not backup your data periodically you’re making a big mistake. Unfortunately many people know about the importance of backups but they do not use it and remember of its existence only then when it is too late.

You can easily lose your important data- your hard drive may suddenly fail, viruses can damage everything on your computer or you simply might accidentally delete necessary and important data, and so on. As a result your valuable data can be lost forever. But if you have a backup copy of your data you will be able to restore it and save your precious files, photos, and many other documents.

More than that, the backup will be useful not only in critical situations, but also when you decide to upgrade the old computer to a new one. Using a backup you can restore all your documents  and transfer them to the new computer. The backup is also very useful if you decide to install new hardware on your computer. Basically, what I am saying is that, a good backup program is as important for every computer as a good antivirus.

If you are looking for a great backup program that has everything for easy backup and restore, you are in a right place because I want to present it now. And the name of this program is Genie Timeline Professional 2015. It is worth mentioning that many big companies use it as a default backup program, for example Siemens, NEC and Philips. It goes without saying that it has everything not only for ordinary PC users but also for IT professionals.

Genie performs many backup tasks without any effort. Its interface is simply outstanding and very configurable. You can configure it very easily for your needs, and the program will do the rest for you. Genie Timeline is very simple and the perfect solution for Windows users. It gives them easy and convenient ways use real-time data protection. In just three steps you can set your backup and then forget your backup woes for good.

Genie software offers two different versions of the program for home users- Home (at a price of $39.95) and Pro (at a price of $59.95). The Home version includes everything for reliable and easy backups, but it lacks some important features which are presented in Pro, such as encryption, data schedule, etc. The full comparison list can be found on the official website.


The installation process is very easy and rather quick. During the installation process you can set up some important features of the program, so it is worth covering it more fully here.

After completing the usual installation steps, i.e. after selecting an installation language, agreeing to an EULA, choosing the install location and extracting all necessary files, you will be welcomed with a window which will help you to configure the main parameters of Genie Timeline in three easy steps.

Installation 1


Installation 2


Installation 5

Step one– In this step you must Select Backup Drive. You have an opportunity to select one of the partitions on your internal hard drive or specify any external drive. Afterwards the program will store all your files and folders in this location. Of course, you can change it at any time.

Select Backup Drive


Select a different destination

Step twoSelect Data for Backup. You can select files and folders for the backup simply by checking them manually on your computer or you can use use Smart Selection which is offered by the program. This will group files into categories, for example, pictures, music, videos, office files, and so on. Just choose the desired category. That is all! The program will do the rest for you. Additionally you can filter your selections by specifying the path or including or excluding only some extensions for backups.

My Computer 11


Smart selection 10

Step threeSet Backup Options– in this step you can configure some backup options, namely, compression and encryption of the backup.

Set Backup Options 14

In addition the program allows you to restore old backups or import them.

Restore from older backup 1


Genie Timeline Pro 2015 has a very attractive and intuitive interface designed in the metro style which really simplifies every step of backup. The Dashboard shows a current status of the backup. Namely, detailed information about the last and next backup, the number of backed up files and protection level.

Below the status there are four tiles dedicated to various tasks- Restore, Manage Backup, Tools and Backup History.

At the bottom of the main interface you can see the default backup location, i.e. your internal or external drive containing info about available space and backed up files.

Main interface 15

The main features of the program

Backup and Restore

I do not know why but backup process is associated with being tedious and unpleasant. A lot of people think that it is very difficult to configure. Do you happen to also think that backup configuration and creation are very difficult and can be a rather impossible task for you? Forget about those needless fears. Genie Timeline Pro makes this process as easy and pleasant as possible. You do not need any extraordinary gifts; simply select the desired backup drive and files or folders to back up, specify a backup interval (for example, every hour or day) and schedule it according to your preferences. No additional steps are needed from you; the rest is the task of Genie Timeline Pro. It will automatically do its job in the background.

Genie Timeline 2015 can back up new and changed files (i.e. perform incremental backup); this is very significant because you can save time and disk space of your hard disk.

Genie Timeline’s IntelliCDP (Intelligent Data protection) is an innovation of Genie Timeline. The program backs up different types of files with various intervals (for example backups of Office documents are made more often than other files) by the mean of a special technology called CDP. You can also set up such intellectual backups manually.

Timeline Explorer is another great feature of this program. This function makes the search and recovery very easy. You can directly drag files in windows Explorer and choose the desired date and thus go back in time and view a particular file. You can also know everything about this file and changes. It is something like using a time machine but it is very comfortable and cool.

Timeline Explorer

You can specify certain folders and files that will be constantly monitored for changes or select an entire group of files (for example, image files, etc.) which will be backed up regardless of where they are located.

Genie Timeline has two operational modes: Smart Mode and Turbo Mode. During Smart Mode it performs tasks in the background. It will automatically choose the optimal backup speed depending on current CPU loads.  During Turbo Mode the data is copied at the maximum speed. Genie Timeline can automatically select the optimal mode.

Genie Timeline PRO can work with external drives very smoothly. It automatically detects the connection and disconnection of a disk or flash drive. The program instantly recognizes them and begins the backup process. You can even unplug external drives, but as soon as you plug them again the program immediately continues the backup process.

Genie Timeline has a very useful feature called No-Backup Zone. You can put any files and folders which you do not want to back up into this zone.

No Backup

Genie Timeline integrates itself into Windows Explorer Menu. You can add folders and files to backup and view everything about them just by clicking your right mouse button.

The program has a special tool called Timeline Recycle Bin in which it has stored deleted backup files. You can access it anytime and view those files, delete them permanently or restore.


The program allows you to create a Disaster Recovery Startup Disc. In order to use this option you must download a special installer from the official site. Once installed you will be able to burn this disc and use it in the event of a system crash.

The program has a special built-in tool for compressing data which effectively reduces backup sizes and saves the precious hard disk space. All backup files are compressed with the well-known ZIP format. Using this compression greatly increases the speed of the process because they are much smaller and do not consume much of the system resources.

Genie Timeline offers 256-bit AES military grade encryption standard to secure your files. Simply create strong and unbreakable password; nobody can open it!

Every file type has editing options. You can specify those files which can be included in the backup process or excluded from it.

File types

No one is safe in this world. It is rather possible that your operating system will become unusable due to a variety of reasons, for instance, hard drive failure, virus attacks, etc. But Genie Timeline Pro 2015 will help you to restore all your important files without effort. It offers three different restore methods. You can restore your files using Timeline Explorer, Advanced Restore and a Disaster Recovery disc.


The program has very simple and easy to use options to configure some program preferences. You can easily Customize Backup, Schedule Backup, enable Email Notifications about backup status and some Advanced Settings.

Additionally the program includes a special app for iPhone and iPad which keeps you informed about installed programs on them.

Options 1

Options 2

Options 3

Options 4

Options 5

System requirements

Windows XP- Windows 8/8.1

Pentium 4 or AMD processor with 1 GB of RAM

200 MB of hard disk space.


Of course Genie Timeline has other many amazing features. We only touched on the most common and essential. I can say without exaggeration that Genie Timeline is a perfect backup program for every user. Its a real must-have for everyone who wants to keep his data safe. This program has all the features needed to make a potentially unpleasant and routine task one that can be very simple and quick. Test its outstanding features and I am sure you will like it as well. Thanks a lot, Genie, for giving us such a useful tool.



1. Very intuitive and easy to use interface
2. Huge support for any type of files
3. Very easy and configurable backup options


I have not found any

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If you are looking for an easy and simple program for backing up your files, Genie Timeline Pro is just for you.

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