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Get the hex color code from any screen with Instant Eyedropper

Get the hex color code from any screen with Instant Eyedropper

by AshwinMarch 1, 2016

Have you visited a web page with a nice vibrant color and wished to use it for your own wallpaper, or something which you are designing? (like a web page or an application’s UI)

Instant Eyedropper 3

You could take a look at the page’s source and check if it mentions the code.

Of course, navigating the code will take a few seconds, or minutes depending on your searching skills. But what if you could find the hex color code with a simple click of the mouse? Yes, of course you can use one of many browser extensions available to do so.

But what about the colors from an application or a game you have on the computer, or even from a movie? How will you get the color code from them? Meet the Instant Eyedropper. It is a small utility which weighs a mere 400kb download.

Download Instant Eyedropper from the official website, and install it. The application itself is very easy to use. All you have to do is, click on the Instant Eyedropper icon on the system tray, and then hold the left mouse button, this will add a target cursor (reticle) to your mouse cursor.


Instant Eyedropper icon

Hover with it over the part of the screen, which has the color you wish to get the hex color code of. This will show you the color code of the color you are hovering over, and also a magnified portion of the particular area of the screen, making it impossible to miss the color.

Let go of the mouse button, and the color code will instantly be copied to the clipboard. You can then paste it into any image editor or even a text editor (to save it).

Oh, and the Instant Eyedropper isn’t limited to just Hex codes, it can also be used to get the HTML, Delphi Hex, VB Hex (Visual Basic Hex), RGB, HSB and Long formats too. By default it uses the HTML code format. To change to one of the other code formats, simply right-click on the tray icon, and select one of the other codes.

Instant Eyedropper
Here is a tip on how to create a simple color wallpaper. Choose the RGB format from the tray icon, and get the color code from any source. Save it to a text file, and open paint, select edit colours, and use the RGB code to choose the same from the palette, and then fill the screen in the Paint window. Save the image and use it as a wallpaper.


Easy to use
Supports various color code formats
Instantly copies the code to the clipboard.


Doesn’t work well with menu items (like the Windows Start Menu).