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GIF Maker from Giphy allows you to create your own animated images

GIF Maker from Giphy allows you to create your own animated images

by AshwinOctober 21, 2015

GIF fans, we have some great news for you. You no longer have to scour the internet to find the animated image of your favorite movie scene or something funny, which you desperately want to share with your friends.

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For people who don’t know what a GIF is, come on seriously? It is an animated image format, and chances are you have cone across some of those in your Instant Messaging app, Facebook, Twitter or some online forums.

You can simply make your own GIF. That is now possible, thanks to the famous Giphy web service.  The website, renowned ofr its animated GIF file sharing services, now offers a new tool called GIF Maker. The new service does exactly what its name suggests.

How to create a GIF image using GIF Maker.

1. Head over to the GIF Maker website.

2. Copy a video link or a YouTube URL, and go back to the above mentioned webpage.

3. Paste your link in the text box at the page. You can also just drag a drop a link to it, if that’s your cup of tea. Or you can even create GIFs from your own videos stored locally too. You just have to make sure that the video you are uploading is under 100MB and runs up to a maximum of 15 minutes in length.

4. Use the GIF Maker Tool, to edit the video, and pick a start time and an end time for the GIF you want to create. There are a variety of editing options you can play with.

5. Finally, just click on the “Create GIF” button to generate your brand new GIF image. It’s as simple as that.

The end result is offered in various options including a direct download in GIF format, a HTML 5 video, online sharing links and many more.

The Verge reports that the tool works for YouTube, but doesn’t work for some others such as Vimeo. If you aren’t a fan of GIF Maker, you can always use Imgur’s Video To GIF service, which also happens to have a similar tool. That one was released earlier this year, offers almost the same features.

You can use it for various purposes, like making a funny GIF, or an educational one, or even to annoy your friends on Facebook. Speaking of which, the internet is abuzz with rumors that the social network now allows GIFs on all pages. Great timing, eh?