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Glary Utilities Pro 5 Review

Glary Utilities Pro 5 Review

by May 31, 2015

Glary Utilities Pro 5 Review.

The Windows operating system constantly needs a high quality service with the help of third-party applications. Currently there are a lot of different so-called optimizers, cleaners and tweakers but relatively few of them are powerful, simple and safe at the same time. Glary Utilities Pro 5 is an exception from this rule. It is a very powerful software package designed for reliable cleaning and optimization of Windows.

Glary Utilities Pro 5 includes more than 20 different utilities that can be used to defragment and clean the Windows registry and hard drives, remove unwanted software, permanently delete files or, on the contrary, restore accidentally deleted files, erase the history of Internet browsing, manage processes and perform tons of other operations.

Download and Installation

The trial version of the program can be downloaded from the official site and is about 15 MB in size. You can use it without any limitation for 30 days.

The installation process is very easy. You will be guided step by step wizard through the installation. All you need is to accept the License agreement, choose installation location and select additional tasks (i.e. desktop and quick launch icons). That is all.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 4

The Interface of the Program

Glary Utilities Pro 5 has got a very stylish user interface which is divided into three tabs:

Overview – this tab is divided into three small panes. On the left are listed some tasks which can be enabled or disabled in accordance with your requirements. The program allows you to turn on automatic maintenance, erase privacy tracks on Windows shutdown, and so on. In the center is displayed information about your Windows boot time and all programs and services which are started on Windows startup. And, finally, on the left pane you can view details about the current version of the program and the license type.

1-Click Maintenance – using it you can perform a quick scan of the Windows registry, correct broken shortcuts, remove spyware, delete temporary files, etc.

Advanced Tools – Glary Utilities Pro 5 has got more than 20 tools for reliable and safe Windows optimization and are conveniently divided into five categories: Clean Up and Repair (it includes seven tools), Optimize and Improve (7 tools), Privacy and Security (6 tools), File and Folders (3 tools) and System Tools (7 tools).



Advanced Tools

The Main Features of the Program


All tools of the program, as was stated above, are conveniently divided into five categories.

In the first category which is called Cleanup and Repair are collected seven different tools, they are as follows:

Disk Cleanup – with the help of this tool you can scan and clean up Windows (i.e. system temporary files, thumbnail cache, error report files, startmenu and desktop invalid shortcuts, old prefetch data, font cache, etc.), Browsers (i.e. browser cache, cookies, a list of visited sites, etc. The program supports all well-known browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) and Applications (i.e. cache of installed applications, for example, Daemon Tools, Adobe reader, iTunes, and so on).

Glary Utilities Pro 5 allows you to create an ignore list for those files which you do not want to be considered as junk, export scanning results as a text file, backup all changes and restore the previous state of the system in the case of failure.

Disk Clean Up 1

Registry Repair – keeping the Windows operating system clean and stable is very important. This tool will help you to find all problems in the Windows registry and safely repair them. Using it you can get rid of obsolete software, invalid startup programs, incorrect drivers, etc.

Registry Repair

Shortcut Fixer – after deleting files you simply delete them but not completely remove paths to them which remain on your hard drive. This tool allows you to find and fix these broken shortcuts and remove them from your system.

Shortcut Fixer

Duplicate Files Finder – it is very difficult and time-consuming to search for duplicate files manually, but, thanks to this tool, now you can easily scan for duplicate files on your system and easily remove them. The program supports practically all types of files, i.e. office documents, PDFs, video, music, photos, etc. and offers advanced options and settings. You have the possibility to narrow scan options and scan for only those files which are identical by size or created at a certain time, ignore or exclude some types of files from scanning, etc. The advantage of this tool is evident and helps you quickly get rid of the files which vainly occupy disk space and free it up.

Duplicate Files Finder 2

Empty Folders – do you know how many empty folders are on your hard drive? If you want to find out the exact number of them, just scan your computer using this tool and in seconds it will scan your system and display all empty folders. All you need is to check them and remove permanently.

Glary Utilities Pro 5 also allows you to exclude some folders from the scan (if you think that they are needful for you) and restore found and deleted folders (if you accidentally deleted them).

Empty Folders Finder

Context Menu Manager – a lot of applications integrate themselves into the Windows context menu, for example, antivirus or compression utility like WinRar. With the help of this tool, you can view all programs and safely remove them from the context menu.

Context Menu Manager

Uninstall Manager – with the help of this tool you can view and manage all installed programs and Windows updates on the computer. For convenience’s sake, the program groups all applications by categories, i.e. recently installed programs, large programs, rarely used programs and Windows updates. In the window is displayed thorough information about each program, its publisher, version, installation date, and size.

It is worth mentioning that Glary Utilities Pro 5 does not simply uninstalls programs, but it also allows you to backup and restore them and export an application list as a text file.

Uninstall Manager

In the second category called Optimize and Improve are also collected seven tools which are as follows:

Startup Manager – by means of this tool you can manage applications and services which automatically run on Windows startup. The program displays a detailed list of all programs, plug-ins, and services that you can safely control, i.e. enable or disable them, add a new application or remove an old one. In addition, you have the possibility to export a list of programs as a text file and save it to the computer.

Startup manager 1

Disk Defrag – all hard disks are liable to fragmentation which is why after some time they become slower and slower. Glary Utilities Pro 5 allows you to solve problems of disk fragmentation. By using this tool, you can defragment the entire drive, separate folder, and file or perform boot-time defrag. Defragmentation process can be carried out both manually and automatically. The program allows you to perform Auto Defrag (i.e. run defrag when the system is idle), run defrag on a schedule (i.e. daily, weekly or monthly or at specified time, for example, at 18.00, etc.), enable boot-time defrag (i.e. you can defragment system files during Windows boot.  Just select the desired method – everyday boot, etc.) and exclude some files from defragmentation (for example, image files, etc.).

The program creates a detailed report after each defrag, so you can view the total number of files and directories, fragmentation rate, etc.

Disk defrag 5

disk defrag 3

Disk defrag 2

Memory Optimize r– with the help of this tool you can optimize the memory usage of the computer manually just by specify the memory amount to be optimized and the program will do the rest. The memory optimization can be performed automatically, too because the program constantly monitors and optimizes the memory usage in the background. Just enable this automatic feature and specify some optimization parameters and you will forget any problems with the system memory for good.

Memory Optimizer 2

Registry Defrag – registry fragmentation greatly slows down the system performance. With the help of this tool you can analyze the level of fragmentation of the Windows registry and defragment it and significantly speed up your computer.

Registry defrag 2

Check Disk – modern hard drives have got relatively long life cycle of usage but, unfortunately, they are liable to breaking. Just for this reason they need constant care. This feature is specially designed to avoid disk failure. It will check your disks and system for errors and automatically correct them.

check disk 2

Driver Manager – drivers are a very important part of the Windows system. This feature of the program will help you to backup all your drivers, safely uninstall them on the one hand and restore and update them on the other hand.

driver Manager 1

Software Update – using this tool you have the possibility quickly scan for installed programs on the system and check for newer versions. After checking the program will display those applications which need to be updated and open the official website from where you can download updates and install them.

Software Updates

The third category includes six tools related to Privacy and Security.

Tracks Eraser – this tool allows you to scan, find and erase all privacy problems in Windows (i.e. Windows recent documents, clipboard, temporary files, network places, etc.) and in Browsers 9i.e. URL history, cookies, saved passwords, temporary Internet files, and so on).

tracks eraser 1

File Shredder – with the help of this tool you can permanently destroy any confidential and sensitive files and folders so that they cannot be recovered and viewed by others. The program uses the most advanced method for file wiping- DOD 5220.22-M and allows you to overwrite data up to ten times. In addition, you have also the possibility to wipe free space, i.e. remove those files which still occupy disk space after deletion.

File Shredder 1

File Undelete – you have accidentally deleted very important files? Do not panic! Just try this tool of Glary Utilities Pro 5. It will thoroughly search your hard drives for deleted files and restore them if they are not damaged or overwritten. The program allows you to filter results for achieving better results. You can filter files by size, name, date, and state.

File undelete 2

File Encrypter – it is very essential and important to keep confidential files away from prying eyes. With the help of this tool you can reliably encrypt your files using a strong password. Just select files to encrypt and enter a strong password. That is all!

Additionally, the program offers some advanced encryption options, for example, it will block a file for 24 hours after entering a wrong password three times, etc.

File Encrypter 1

File Encrypter 3

Browser Assistant – by means of this tool you can control and manage plug-ins, extensions, search engines, histories, cookies and a start page of your installed browser. The program supports all modern browsers, i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Browser assistant

Process Manager – this tool helps you effectively control all running processes, i.e. you can end or block them, view details and properties of each process.


The fourth category includes three tools for managing Files and Folders.

Disk Space Analyzer – do you know how many files and folders occupy your hard drive space? It is very easy to find out that using this very useful tool.  It provides you with detailed information in the form of diagram about percentage, size, and location of each file and folder.

Disk Space analyzer 2

File Splitter – you have got a very large file and want to split it into smaller parts and then join them together? It is no problem for Glary Utilities Pro 5 as you just select a file to split and then choose the desired size (for example, 100 MB, 4.7 GB, etc.) or manually define it.

File Splitter 1

Quick Search – you need quickly find, for example, some office documents on your hard drive? It is as easy as ABC. Simply select the desired category (i.e. music, videos, etc.) and the program will find all of them in seconds.

The fifth category contains seven tools and it is called System Tools.

System Information – it provides you with detailed information about your operating system, system devices, memory, display and network.

Registry Backup – this tool allows you to create a backup copy of the Windows registry and save it as a REG file.

Registry Restore – with the help of this tool you can restore your system registry from previously created backup.

The last three tools are used for backing up the system, restoring the computer settings to an earlier state and undoing changes made to the computer by Glary Utilities Pro 5.

System Requirements

Windows XP – Windows 8/8.1

30 MB of free hard disk space

125 MB of RAM or more

Processor with at least 500 MHz.


After testing the program, I can say without any exaggeration that Glary Utilities Pro 5 is one of the best utilities for the Windows operating system. It includes all the features required for high quality, reliable and safe computer optimization and cleaning. With the help of the program you can perform any actions related to the system stability and performance.

I recommend trying it and you will forget any problems related to the system speed and performance for good.


1. Powerful system cleaner utilities which help you safely clean up the system, delete temporary files, erase Internet traces, etc.
2. You can encrypt sensitive data.
3. You can split and merge files.
4. You can control and manage startup programs
and a lot of others.


It does not have an inbuilt help file. You need the Internet connection to access it.

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