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Gmail gets better email search to find missing emails in the spam folder

Gmail gets better email search to find missing emails in the spam folder

by AshwinNovember 10, 2015

Google is rolling out an important feature to its email service, Gmail.

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The search engine giant, will now offer better search results for your emails.

Gmail has superb spam filters, which the Mountain View company constantly keeps updating to keep its users safe., It even recently launched some special tools for webmasters, to ensure their email newsletters don’t land in the spam folder.

While Gmail tries to keep the inbox spam free, there is actually a major problem which the spam filters causes. Despite the Mountain View company’s best efforts, some important emails, do land in the spam folder. Nobody’s perfect eh?

And because of the fact that Gmail clears out the spam folder in 30 days automatically, chances are that one or two perfectly legit emails are deleted without the user even being aware, especially of they never check the spam folder.

Now, back to Gmail’s search feature. It is incredibly useful in that it allows you to find the exact email you were looking for, as long as you remember the sender’s info or some part of the mail’s content, you need a keyword to search for, right?

If you are a power user who constantly searches for emails in Gmail, you may have noticed that the search results displayed often show a message, which says that there are emails in the trash folder, which match the search criteria. After reading this, you will have to click on the message to be taken to the said search results in the trash folder.

We are narrowing down on the issue here. The real problem with the search results do not include any mails from the spam folder at all. So if the email you were looking for is by unfortunate chance, in the spam folder, you might have missed it.

But that changes today, as the Mountain View company has officially announced that it has changed the way it indexes your emails. Gmail will now start indexing your trash and spam folders, and will display the emails stored in those, in the search results.

gmail search results trash spam new

That’s funny isn’t it? The most important player in the search engine world, did not even have the basic feature, and one it is actually the best at. But as the old saying goes, “It’s better late than never”.

Additionally, Gmail will now ask the user to refine the search with more options, in case the search criteria is “too general”. The new options include filter by sender, date, size, etc.

gmail search results filters new

Google says the changes will be rolled to all Gmail users in the coming days.