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Gmail gets improved spam filters and introduces Postmaster Tools to help fight spam

Gmail gets improved spam filters and introduces Postmaster Tools to help fight spam

by AshwinJuly 10, 2015

Gmail gets improved spam filters, Google announced today.


Let’s face it, we have all received junk mail at some point or the other.

From  notorious scamsters who claim they need your aid, or tricksters who try to fool you by saying you won a lottery, fake health insurance emails, and more, the list of spam we have seen is endless.

Spam emails are dangerous in multiple ways, here are some of the dangers:

1. They could be used for data theft or identity theft.

2. Spam mails could contain malicious downloads, which could spread viruses, trojans and more.

3. Phishing scams, these are the most common ones and try to take your money.

Even if you didn’t publicly state or use your email address, you end up receiving spam emails. It could be because one of your contacts may have signed up for a service which detects their contact’s email address, and it is used by attackers who begin spamming everyone in the address book. Or as in most cases, they are completely random.

Whatever be the reason, one thing is certain. Spam in emails have been the internet’s Kobayashi Maru, the unsolvable problem.

But there is one more problem, and it could be solvable. Sometimes important mails end up in the spam folder, while one or two spam emails land in your inbox. So, you have to go through all the junk mails to find the email you wanted. And this where the Mountain View company needs your help.

Gmail gets improved spam filters:

Gmail like other email services, uses machine learning to recognize which emails are safe, and which aren’t. You may have noticed this in your Inbox too. There is a button which says “Report Spam”, and similarly¬† the Spam folder has a “Not Spam” button. It is when a user clicks on one of these options, that Gmail “learns” whether the email is safe or not.

Gmail now has an “artificial neural network” to detect and block the spam which could escape its filters, and land in your inbox. It will also use machine learning to recognize personal preferences for newsletters, and ckeep your inbox clean.

Google says that Gmail’s spam filter has been improved to eliminate email impersonation. This prevents phishing scams, by recognizing if “a message actually came from its sender, and keep bogus email at bay”

Postmaster Tools


Additionally, Google has introduced Postmaster Tools to help fight spam. These can be used by website owners (webmasters) and companies, to improve their newslettters

Tips to stay safe from Spam:

1. Never reveal your email address in public websites, social networks, etc.

2. Do not click on any images, links or attachemts, if you don’t recognize the sender.

3. Spam emails often have poor grammar and spelling, and can be spotted easily, so its easy to avoid them.

4. Use filters in email services, to block certain keywords, and spanning email addresses.

5. Always use reputed email services like Gmail, and Outlook, because they have built-in spam filters.

6. Use a trusted Antivirus software, and a secure browser like Firefox, Edge or Chrome.