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Gmail web mention @ option goes live for new interface users

Gmail web mention @ option goes live for new interface users

by AshwinMay 24, 2018

The Gmail web mention @ option is live, for users with the new interface of the web mail service. This allows you to quickly add a contact’s email address within the body of the mail.

The first thing you need to do to use this @mention feature, is to enable the new Gmail version in your web browser. How do you do that? It is very simple, login to your Google account, and click on the cog button in the top right corner. You will see a “Try the new Gmail” option. Click on it, and the page will refresh with the new interface. Don’t worry, you can go back to the old look in the same way.

Gmail new interface

Now, click on the ” + Compose” button, to write a new mail and the email composer box pops-up. Click on the text field, where you will write the content of the mail will be. Type the at symbol using the key combo (Shift + 2), i.e., @. The new Gmail will recognize the symbol, and predict the email address using a drop down menu. Yes, this is very similar to the “send to” field, but it is definitely useful in this context.

When you send the email to someone, they will see the mentioned person’s name (the email address of the person is hyperlinked to it) which can be clicked upon. Doing so, will allow your contact to a compose mail to “the mentioned email address” in a single click, regardless of whether the person is in their contact list. In fact, using the Gmail web mention @ adds the mentioned email address to your contacts too.

In addition to Gmail web @mention, there are some cool new features which were added recently, that you can use. The Smart Reply feature allows you to reply to emails faster, by predicting the text content based on the mail you are replying to. That’s not all, it can also predict phrases using A.I to learn what you are typing, and complete entire sentences quickly.

The new Gmail also has an archive, delete, mark as read, and snooze options inline to every mail. So, you can use these to quickly perform the actions, without even having to open the email. The Snooze option is particularly useful, if you don’t want to respond to the email at the moment, but want to do so in the future, at a time and date that you select.