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Google About Me page is a new place to manage all your personal information

Google About Me page is a new place to manage all your personal information

by AshwinNovember 12, 2015

Google has just launched a new online tool, which will allow its users a better way to to manage all your personal information, which you have stored on its services.

Google about me page

And when I say services, I mean across all of its services, and not just limited to your Gmail or Google+ or YouTube account.

Speaking of the social network, Google+ never really took off as the Mountain Company hoped it would. This led it to spin off Google Photos, Google Hangouts as individual services, instead of being bundled into one. But no it is not giving up on Google+ yet, even though the new About Me page does look very very similar to it, as you can see from the screenshot featured in this article.

According to TechCrunch, the company is not trying to replace Google+. Instead, it will make the information available on the About Me page, universal across all of the company’s services. In fact, you can edit the information from the regular “My Account” section as well, and any changes which you make will be reflected in the new page, and vice cersa.

This is the list of the various sections of personal information which you can view and edit on the About Me page:

  • Personal contact info
  • Work contact info
  • Work history
  • Sites
  • Gender, birthday, occupation
  • Other profiles
  • Photo, Education
  • Privacy settings

The latter allows you to run a privacy checkup.

Each of the above options available on the new About Page, allow you to set who can view your information. You can set the privacy settings of each circle individually. The options available are Private, Public (everyone can see it), Your Circle (people whom you follow on Google+), Extended Circles and Custom Circles ( a group which you have created on Google+). You might want to set the first two sections to private to avoid strangers from viewing your email address.

The same goes for your profile picture, phone number, work and education information.

Reports say that the changes you make in the About Me page is throwing back errors, and thee is a reason for that. Apparently though the page is accessible, it hasn’t been officially made available for all users. Click on the menu button in the top left of the sidebar, and try to view your profile as public, and you will find that it says:

Coming Soon
You’ll soon be able to see what you look like to other people across Google services in this card. While we are working on it, view your public Google+ profile.
Head over to to give the new profile page a whirl.