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Google acknowledges Chrome issue in Windows 10 Build 10525, promises to fix it soon

Google acknowledges Chrome issue in Windows 10 Build 10525, promises to fix it soon

by AshwinAugust 20, 2015

Windows 10 Build 10525, was released a couple of days ago to the members of the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider Program.


We initially expected a fix from Microsoft, since Chrome works on all other versions of Windows. But now, it appears that a resolution will arrive from Google.

One of the developers at the Chromium project, on with Chrome is based, replied to the bug report thread at the Google support forums, acknowledging the issue.

We have the problem confirmed and someone is working on it, so additional “me to” comments are a distraction at this point. Please just star the issue if you want to convey that you are affected, and if we have any questions or need additional feedback we’ll post a comment.

Also, please remember that this kind of temporary breakage is expected for users on the Windows 10 fast ring. So, we definitely appreciate your assistance in tracking down these problems, but if you’re not comfortable dealing with disruptions and workarounds, then the fast ring might not be for you.

The reply can be viewed as a bit of sarcasm, as the Google employee points the finger of blame towards Microsoft, for releasing an “whilst also criticizing the user’s impatience, which I believe was a bit harsh.

The issue reportedly affects both the stable channel, as well as the developer channel of Chrome. Many users say that the crash could be due to some improvements introduced in Build 10525, in the Memory Manager. This feature is called “compression store”, which compresses unused pages, for reducing the pressure on the RAM. This could be the culprit, but we don’t know for sure.

Another Chromium developer confirmed that Google Chrome 32 bit works on Windows 10 Build 10525, but 64-bit doesn’t. So you can try uninstalling the latter and install the 32-bit version or try the fix we reported yesterday.

The bad news is, Google has not announced an ETA for the fix. I think we can safely assume that engineers will first patch Chromium, and test it on the current preview build of Windows 10 for a few days, after which Google will include the patch for Google Chrome’s developer channel, before rolling out a new stable version. So, my guess is that a proper fix may only arrive next week.

You can attribute that to the fact that workarounds are available, and also due to the obvious fact that not many users will be using Windows 10 Build 10525, when compared to the users with the stable version, which is Build 10240.