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Google Calendar web adds a trash can to delete and restore events

Google Calendar web adds a trash can to delete and restore events

by AshwinNovember 6, 2015

Google has just added a new feature to its Calendar on the web.

Google Calendar Web Trash Can

Meet the brand new trash can. No, seriously it is the newest addition.

The Mountain View company’s calendar service, is probably the most popular reminder and event management tool today, thanks to the rise of smartphones. One major feature missing from Calendar on the web, was the ability to delete and restore events. Surprisingly enough, Gmail and Google Drive have had this feature for a long time.

And now Google has added the same to its Calendar web app. It is a pretty nifty little feature which will come especially handy, in case you accidentally deleted an event, or need to restore an event which was canceled and rescheduled.

Note: To use the new Google Calendar Trash Can, you need to have editing rights for the calendar, which is home to the event you want to delete or restore.

How to delete an event the Google Calendar Trash Can?

1. First, visit the Google Calendar website, and login to your account, and then hover the mouse cursor over one of your Calendars in the sidebar, under “My Calendars”.

2. Click on it, to view the entire calendar’s events. Now hover over any of the events in it, and click on it.

3. This will allow you to edit the event’s settings, and also has an option to delete the event.

4. Click on it to send the event to the trash.

Google Calendar Web how to delete event

How to restore an event the Google Calendar Trash Can?

1. When you delete an event, an “Undo” option appears in the upper half of the screen. This is similar to the one you see in Gmail. Click on it to restore the event.

2. If the above option isn’t available, just hover the cursor over to the calendar option on the sidebar

3. A dropdown menu icon should appear, click on it and you will see the new “Trash” option. Select it.

Google Calendar Web Trash Can how to

4. Now you will be taken to the “Trash Can” page for that calendar, where you will see the list of deleted events. Click on the checkbox next to the event you want to restore, and simply click on the “Restore selected events” button and et voilĂ , it will be available in your calendar again.

Google Calendar Web Trash Can

You can permanently delete the events form a trash can manually, and the same will be done automatically for any events which are in the trash for over 30 days.

Google says that the Trash can feature will be rolling out over the next few days, but it is already available for many users.