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Google celebrates Star Wars: The Force Awakens by launching Light Side and Dark Side themes for Gmail, YouTube and more

Google celebrates Star Wars: The Force Awakens by launching Light Side and Dark Side themes for Gmail, YouTube and more

by AshwinNovember 23, 2015

Google has launched a themed interface for its web services, to celebrate the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, which is launching next month.

Google Light Side Dark Side Star Wars Gmail

And for this very purpose, Google says it worked with Lucasfilm and Disney, to offer fans of the sci-fi franchise a new experience. The themes are just eye candy obviously, and do not add or change the functionaility of the srvices in anyway.

The new themes are available for a plethora of services including Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome and more.

How to enable the Light Side or Dark Side theme in Gmail and other Google services (on the web):

1. Visit the official Google Star Wars webpage.
2. Click on the left half of the screen for the Light side, or on the right half for the Dark Side.
3. If you aren’t signed into your Gmail account, do so.
4. Click on the join button to take up the path you have chosen, and your apps shall follow.

You can switch sides anytime you want to, from the Star Wars page. And should you wish to revert to the default UI, you can do so from the Star Wars page, all you have to do is drag your profile picture (avatar) to the middle of the screen.

Load any Google page like Gmail, to experience the new theme, and yes the Gmail loading animation is indeed a Lightsaber.

Google is actually a bit late to the party. Twitter is particularly popular for promoting Star Wars with special emojis.

Gmail Light Side Theme:

Google Light Side Star Wars Gmail


Gmail Dark Side Theme:

Google Dark Side Star Wars Gmail

Here is one from Google, which is a bit more crisp.

Google Star Wars Gmail Dark

You can enable the Star Wars: The Force Awakens theme on Google for your Mac, Windows and Chromebook devices.

It is worth noting that Google Search, Google Translate, and Waze are the only services which remain unaffected by the themes. That is, these services will retain their regular UI, regardless of the side which you picked. We think that Google has restricted these services from being themed, to provide a distraction free experience.

And that could also be the reason, why the themes do not work on Google Apps for Work email accounts, and sadly, these aren’t available for such accounts (Work, Education and Government). So you will have to settle for using it with your personal Gmail accounts.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is releasing on December 18th, but Google says that users can continue to experience these new themes beyond the launch date, but only until February 1, 2016, which is when the company will disable it for all users. So will you walk the path of the Jedi, or wander as a Sith Lord?