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Google Chrome adds support for multilingual spell-checking

Google Chrome adds support for multilingual spell-checking

by AshwinAugust 22, 2015

Back in June, it was found that Google Chrome would soon support multilingual spell-checking soon.


However, it did not have an ETA, when the Mountain View company, would add support for this feature.

Today, Google’s François Beaufort, announced on the company’s social network, Google+,  that Chrome browser now supports spellchecking in multiple languages at the same time.

This may not be of much use to the majority of users, but if you are a bilingual or a multilingual writer, whose day to day work involves typing in more than one language, this is a huge blessing.

Which version of Chrome does this feature work in?

You may have already guessed this, but allow me to say that Google Chrome’s stable version does not support multilingual spell-checking just yet. Neither does the developer version, it is the bleeding edge, Canary version which has added support for the new feature. Google Chromium, on which Chrome is based, was the first to get the feature, before it was added to Chrome Canary.

How to enable multilingual spell-checking in Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome Canary (or Chromium).
2. Copy and paste the following local URL in the address bar and press enter.
3. This enables the multilingual spell-checker in Chrome, and you can change the language settings at chrome://settings/languages
4. Enable the option “Use this language for spell checking” for the languages you wish to use.

Google Chrome Canary and Stable versions can co-exist, meaning that you can run both browsers at the same time. Just a word of warning, Canary builds are released every day, and are untested versions, so I wouldn’t suggest using it as a daily browser, instead use it along side a regular version.

It still remains unclear when the stable version of the browser will get this feature. It may take a few weeks for the feature to graduate out of Canary, and then be added to the Developer Channel, before finally making its debut in the stable version.

You can download Google Chrome for Windows from the official page. Multilingual spellcheck is also available in Chrome for Linux and ChromeOS devices. However it does not work on Apple’s Mac devices, since Chrome uses OSX’s built-in languages settings and spellcheck.

Speaking of which, Google Chrome is now battery efficient and RAM friendly on Mac. It was only yesterday that another Google Engineer had announced the improvements, and yes, these performance enhancements are also exclusive to the Canary version of Chrome.