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Google Chrome is now reportedly faster on Mac, and battery efficient too

Google Chrome is now reportedly faster on Mac, and battery efficient too

by AshwinAugust 21, 2015

Remember our write-up about how Google Chrome is terrible on Mac, and that it drains your Macbook’s battery?


Well, that changes with a recent version of the world’s no.2 browser for Apple machines.

In case you didn’t get that reference, I was making a sarcastic joke about how Internet Explorer continues to be ( insert “mysteriously” here) the world’s most used browser, even today.

Back in June, a Chrome Engineer, Peter Kasting, revealed that the Google Chrome team is working to fix the browser’s woes on Mac. Now, today’s news source about Chrome is not an official announcement from either Google or Apple, but an observation from a blogger.

The Next Web‘s Owen Williams, reports that Google Chrome has improved vastly, recently. This is what he writes:

Memory consumption seems to have halved, groggy slow tabs are snappier than ever and my battery life isn’t shamefully bad anymore.

Williams also notes that his laptop runs better now that Chrome isn’t making his device’s fans to spin continuously. Well that’s great news, but there is a catch, there always is. The version of Google Chrome we are talking about isn’t the Stable version. It is notthe developer version either, it is the Canary version.

Naturally such versions aren’t meant for everyday use. But if you are willing to give it a shot, here is the official download page.

Originally, Williams got word of the performance improvement, from a Tweet by a Google Engineer, Alex Russel, who works on Chrome, and Blink (the engine that the browser uses). This is the subtle hint he wrote:

If you are interested to know what Google has done under the hood, to improve the browser’s performance so drastically, here is an insight. Google Chrome’s team has tweaked the browser to work better with Mac’s graphics, and has also plugged the memory leaks, which plagued the browser.

Additionally Chrome also boasts an experimental “sleep mode” for background tabs, called “tab discarding”. This prevents tabs which are open in the background from consuming the RAM, and this in turn helps in speeding up the performance of the browser and the current tab as well. You can enable this in Mac and Windows by using the following command in Chrome’s address bar.


The current stable version of Google Chrome for Mac/Windows is version 44, so it may be a while before we see Google Chrome 46 for Mac, which should be light and speedy as per the new claims.

If only Google Chrome for Windows wasn’t such a RAM hog, I’d switch to it in a blink. See what I did there?