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Google Chrome may get multilingual spell-checking soon

Google Chrome may get multilingual spell-checking soon

by AshwinJuly 13, 2015

Google Chrome will soon get a very useful feature, which may delight multi-linguals.


The browser will be updated to include, spellcheck for multiple languages at the same time.

You may have noticed that browsers, and certain text-editors have spell-check enabled, which helps you in correcting erroneous spellings in the content you have typed. This feature is also present in some software, like MS Word, and if you are a professional writer, this is an incredible asset, as it helps you proof-read your content in software like before publishing.

But spell-check has its own flaws, sometimes the dictionaries may not include a few words, and this gets worse if you are writing something in more than one-language. Just imagine the hassle of going through a page written in two languages (for e.g.: English and German). Selecting “English” as the language and dictionary, will flag all German words on the page as words with incorrect spelling, and if you switch to German, the English words are flagged.

Google Chrome aims to solve this issue. 9to5Google found that the developer channel of Chrome version 45.0.2453.0 comes with spellchecking in multiple languages. Apparently this feature hasn’t been requested recently, it has been requested for the past 7 years, i.e., right from 2008, when Google Chrome was first released.

But nothing is concrete yet, as Google may or may not bring this feature to the stable version of Chrome. According to an email from a member of the Chrome developer team, the option for multiple spell checking present in the context menu of the latest Dev channel of Chrome,has merely been added to the UI, i.e., though it is present in the spell-checker options of the context menu, the multi-lingual spell-checking which it has been designed for, doesn’t work.

There is no word yet, as to when the Mountain View company plans to roll out the feature, but it is nearing completion, says the developer. Once it has been enabled in the Dev channel, it will be tested for bugs, and feedback from users.  It is only after this, that the multi-lingual spell-check will be included in the Stable version of Chrome.

And Mac users have some more bad news. This feature will not be available for Apple’s machines, as Chrome on OSX uses the system’s default spell-check software, and not the one which ships with Chrome.

So, the only platforms which will get this rather useful feature will be Windows, Linux and ChromeOS.