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Google Chrome version 46 adds support for muting tabs

Google Chrome version 46 adds support for muting tabs

by AshwinOctober 21, 2015

Google has been making several changes to its Chrome browser of late, and today it added a new feature, which allows you to mute tabs.

Google Chrome Mute Tabs

The new option was added silently, see what I did there?

Hate those annoying auto play videos on webpages? Well, Google Chrome version 46 and above will now let you mute tabs. This isn’t entirely a new feature, as the Mountain Company did test something like this in the Beta version, since last year. What it did back then was to add a speaker icon on the tabs of Chrome, to indicate where the noise was coming from. But the user had to either close the tab, or go and look for the media file on the page and pause it.

So, you can see where Google got the idea to add the mute option, which makes it even more simpler to kill the noise from Tabs.

How to mute tabs in Google Chrome:

  • First make sure you have Google Chrome 46 or above.
  • Open any webpage with a music or video playing.
  • Switch to a new tab if you want to. It works on the current tab and background tabs.
  • Now right click on the tab with the media playing in it.
  • Select the option which says “Mute Tab”, and you’re good to go.

Doing so will place a speaker icon with a slash across it, to indicate the tab has been muted. You can use the same option to unmute tabs too.

Clicking on the speaker icon to mute and unmute would have been a much more quicker way to cut the noise, but unfortunately that isn’t a reality.

Microsoft has already added the tab indicator in the form of a speaker icon placed on the tabs of its Edge browser in its latest operating system, Windows 10. But it does not allow muting of tabs, at least not yet. Mozilla Firefox is not far behind either, the browser also has an audio tab indicator (speaker icon), in the beta channel of the browser. The feature was first spotted in Firefox 42 Beta.

On a side note, Google recently removed the Desktop Notification center from Chrome for Desktops. And a few days later, the Mountain View company also removed the OK Google Voice Search from Chrome. Notably, these features are still available exclusively on Chromebooks, which are powered by Chrome OS. As a result it is widely seen as a move to attract users to buy its devices.