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Google Chrome’s old Bookmark Manager is back, after users complained about the clunky new one

Google Chrome’s old Bookmark Manager is back, after users complained about the clunky new one

by AshwinJune 17, 2015

Google Chrome’s old Bookmark Manager is back.


The Mountain View company has admitted defeat after users vented their frustration publicly.

Last year, the Mountain View company introduced a new bookmark manager in its popular desktop browser. This is what it looks like.


If you are an Android user, you may have seen a similar interface on your device or in some apps. The interface is called Material Design UI. Basically it uses flat icons, and solid colours, making the UI more pleasing to look at it.

The new bookmark manager also had some additional features including large Tiles, and a Search bar.

So why did people not like it. Take a look at the old bookmark manager featured above (1st image). Now compare that with the 2nd image above.

The old bookmark manager has a simplistic UI, and in spite of a dated UI, it utilities the screen space better.

However the biggest problem in the new bookark manager was it was not user friendly. People found it to be clunky and  desperately wanted the old bookmark manager back. This post at the Google Product forums will show you just how bad the problem was.  Notice the title of the post? It is hilarious.

Hence, Google decided to bring the old bookmark manager back, but Techspot reportsm that Google has said that will continue to experiment around the options to improve the experience. (Really, Google?)

I liked the new look. How to get the new bookmark manager back in Google Chrome?

Well you happen to be in luck, as Google has released a new extension for that very purpose, at the Chrome Web Store. This is called the Bookmark Manager. What else could they name it? Just go to the store listing and click on the Add to Chrome button, you will get a standard pop up about allowing the installation. Do so, and it should be ready. You can use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + O to navigate to the bookmark manager.

Should you wish to revert to the old bookmark manager, you can disable or remove the extension from the Menu > More Tools > Extensions .

If you don’t have the old bookmark manager yet just update your Chrome browser by navigating to the Menu > About Google Chrome. By default Chrome is set to automatically update

I am using Google Chrome Version 44.0.2403.39 beta-m (64-bit) and I have the old bookmark manager.