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Google Drive adds new sorting options to “Recent” view

Google Drive adds new sorting options to “Recent” view

by AshwinNovember 14, 2015

Yesterday we reported about a new feature in Dropbox on the web, called “Recents”, which is kind of a file history feature, which only displays the recently edited files.

Google Drive Recent Sorting Options

Google’s cloud storage service, Drive, has a similar feature called “Recent”.

Take note however, it is not like a browsing history feature, it will not show you which files you viewed last. It will only list the files which the user last uploaded, moved, or modified on Google Drive.

The features in both features are similar and almost identical. So, which one is better? Google Drive Recent or Dropbox Recents?

Google wins it by a mile thanks to its newest additions. This week, the Mountain View company has enabled new sorting options for the Recent tab. This will allow users to view the files they edited in various views they want to list them.

The current view of the “Recent” tab uses a time-based sorting option. This lists the items in the tab as ‘Today’, ‘Earlier this week’ (moth, year). This view while helpful to a certain extent, is quite a bit clunky. Google says it will continue to provide this view as an option, as it probably doesn’t want to tick off fans of the option.

Google however has confirmed that it will be rolling the following options from Google Drive:

  • Last modified
  • Last modified by me
  • Last opened by me

These will be replaced by the new sorting options like “Opened by me”, “Modified by me”, etc. It will also display the time, date, month and year on which the file was opened. It will also display the owner information and the file size

Google terms these sorting options as “Smarter sorting”, as all of the are displayed directly on the interface, and not from any drop-down lists.

These new sorting features are only available on Google Drive on the Web. So, head over to the Google Drive website, to give the feature a try. Oh, and it may not be available for all users just yet, as the Mountain View company says it will only be rolling out the future in a couple of days.

A couple of months ago, Google Drive added the option in its desktop app, to allow users to open files stored on the cloud directly from the web viewer. Clicking on a file will then trigger the default file handler app installed on the computer.