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Google Drive now allows you to Search by File Type and other Advanced Search options

Google Drive now allows you to Search by File Type and other Advanced Search options

by AshwinDecember 10, 2015

Google is rolling out a new change to its cloud storage service, Drive, to help users access their files on the cloud more quickly.

Google Drive Search File Types

A couple of weeks ago, the Mountain View company had rolled out a feature called Recent, which allows users to view their most “recently” edited files, thus saving them some time which they otherwise would have spent searching through their drive contents.

And the cloud storage service, also allows you to drag and drop files from your computer directly into folders on Drive. Prior to this, you had to upload files/folders to Drive and then organize them by moving them manually into sub folders.

Today’s addition to Google Drive allows users to search for files faster. More specifically, you can search for files by file types. All you have to do is click on the search box, and select a file type from the drop down menu.

After this, you just need to enter the search term for the file you want. These are the search file type options which are available in the basic search box:

  • PDFs
  • Text Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Photos & images
  • Presentations
  • Videos

Google drive Search

This is not all it is capable of, after all Search is Google’s battleground. There are many advanced options to help you narrow down your search further, click on the last option in the drop-down menu in the search box, called “More Search Tools”. This allows users to search for files they have shared with, by keying in the owner’s name or email address, and many more.

This the full list of the available advanced search options in Drive:

  • Type (file format)
  • Date Modified
  • Item Name
  • Has The Words
  • Owner (who owns the file)
  • Shared with (whom the file has been shared with)
  • Located (which folder you want to search. Currently only shows starred/bin)

Google drive advanced Search

Interestingly, the type option in the Advanced Menu, has far more file types, including Audio, Zips, Drawings and Folders.

Google drive advanced Search type

The new search features are not exclusive to Google drive on the web, they are also available for iOS and Android Drive apps as well.

Google says that it will be launching the new Search for Drive in the coming weeks. But as usual, when we checked for it, we did find that the new options are already available in our account.

Google has hinted that these changes are “part of an ongoing effort to make Drive the easiest place to find your files”.