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Google Drive now lets you add shared/public files to My Drive and move files between folders more easily

Google Drive now lets you add shared/public files to My Drive and move files between folders more easily

by AshwinJanuary 13, 2016

Google has been tweaking its cloud storage service, Drive, quite a bit over the past few months.

Google Drive Add To My Drive
Recent additions to Drive on the Web include, opening files directly from the web viewer, sorting options based on timeline (Recents view), search by file type and other advanced searching options.

The Mountain View company even added support for letting users drag and drop files directly into folders to upload them (sub-folders on the Drive).

And now, Google has added a few new options, to help users organize their files on Drive on the web, much more easily.

Add to My Drive:

The first of the two options, is intended for users with Shared folders, i.e., when other users have shared some files or folders with them. When you search for a file, and the result displays files which are not stored in your own Google account, you will be given an option to save it to your Drive. The option is called  “Add to My Drive”, and is available in the top right corner of the bar.

This option is also available when you’re viewing the Shared with me, Recent, or Starred views.

Move To:

The move new option is the much more useful one. As the name implies, it allows you to move your files to various folders in your Google Drive. This will only work if the file you are viewing is already stored in your Drive.

To move a file, select it and then click on the Move To icon (Folder with arrow).

Google Drive Move To 1

A drop-down menu should appear, select the folder in “My Drive” by double clicking on it and then click on “Move Here”.

Google Drive Move To
The advantage is that you can also move folders and files more easily, just by dragging and dropping them to their new destination. This is especially useful when you are searching for files.

Add To My Drive and Move To also available from the Preview Screen:

When you are previewing a file on a Drive page (for example: A document), and if it is not in My Drive already, you will be able to quickly save it to your account, simply by clicking the “Add To My Drive” option, which is available in the toolbar on the top of the screen.

If the file you’re previewing is already in your Drive, it will instead have the Move To option, using which you can directly add it to any folder, from the preview screen.

Though Google says it may take 3 days for the feature to roll out for all users, we already have the new options available on our Drive account.