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Google Drive now lets you drag and drop files directly into folders

Google Drive now lets you drag and drop files directly into folders

by AshwinNovember 21, 2015

Google is pushing a new feature to its cloud storage service, Drive, which will help users organize their folders more efficiently.

Google Drive Drag and Drop into Folder Upload

The Mountain View company’s service, now lets you drag and drop files directly into folders.

We are not talking about moving files from one folder on Drive, to another. FYI, that feature is already available. And the cloud storage service has long been supporting Drag and drop to upload files. It has also supported the uploading of entire folders from your PC to your Drive account.

But oddly enough, the service hasn’t had support for uploading a file to a file in Drive, by dragging and dropping. Until today, the only way to directly upload a file to a Drive sub-folder, is by using the upload tool in the web interface. This isn’t exactly easy, if the file you want to upload is inside several sub folders on your desktop.

The other way, would be to drag files or folders directly to your main drive folder, and wait for them to be uploaded. Once that has been done, you could manually move the files to different folders.

That changes today, as the new feature that Google Drive has announced, allows you to directly upload a file from your desktop to the cloud, just by dragging the file to the browser window. This supports folder uploading too, as you can see in the screenshot below.

How to Drag and Drop files to your Google Drive Folders directly

1. Login to in your desktop web browser.
2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder, which contains the file you want to upload.
3. Resize both app windows (File Explorer and the browser). If you are using Windows 10, just snap the two Windows on either side of the screen.
4. Click on the file and drag it to the Drive folder you wish to upload it to.
5. A small pop-up will appear, which displays a nessage like “Upload file to ‘xyz’ folder”, where xyz reprsents your folder’s name.
6. Let go of the mouse button to initiate the upload process.

Google Drive Drag and Drop into Folder Upload 2

You can also drag and drop files or folders into Drive’s subfolders. The new Drag and Drop for Google Drive works in two desktop browsers, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. And yes, We are actually quite surprised that the Mountain View company, has included support for this feature in Firefox. You need to have the latest version of the browsers for this to work.

Google says it will be rolling out the feature to all users, over the next few days. But we were able to use it already and the new drag and drop, works just fine.