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Google for “Fun Fact” or “I’m feeling curious” to get a random question and answer right in the search result

Google for “Fun Fact” or “I’m feeling curious” to get a random question and answer right in the search result

by AshwinSeptember 3, 2015

Google sure knows how to entertain its users, and it has added a new feature to its Search page.


Though I mostly Sometimes I fire up the Google homepage when I’m bored, or to learn something new, and often end up perplexed on what to search for.

And chances are you may have come across such a scenario too. Well, the Mountain View company now has a fix for such situations. And it is offering it right under the search results page.

Google for the keyword “Fun Fact”, and you will be surprised by what you see, a fun fact. Yes, Google now returns a random question and answer, to keep you entertained. The above image shows the Q & A, which I got when I first tried the feature. You can get a random fact, every time you search for “Fun Fact”. You don’t have to refresh your browser or Google again to get another fact to read about. In case, you missed it, look at the screenshot above. The answer box also has a large blue button, for “Ask Another Question”, which does exactly what it states, pops up another random fact.

Interestingly, clicking on “Ask Another Question” button, changes the search query to “I’m Feeling Curious”, and displays a new fact. Of course, you can also Google for “I’m feeling curious” directly, to get a random Q & A too.


The best part is that it works in any browser, and across all platforms, as it is a server side feature. So, you can try this on your desktop browser, or mobile browser, or even the Google App on your smartphone. As you can see from the above image, the search result for the fact, in a neat box. Search Engine Land calls this box, a Dynamic Answer Box. It also contains a link, related to the fact, which you can visit to learn more about it.

This would have been more than just a random way to kill a few minutes, in fact it could have been an educational feature, if only it had an option to choose topics from. Perhaps Google will add this in the future.

Here is a fun fact, if you have a smartphone, with Google Now, ask Google a “Fun Fact”, and it will read the resulting Question and Answer to you.

If you like reading about random useless facts, like OMG Facts, this should be your cup of tea. And of course, it can also improve your general knowledge, your vocabulary, or even teach you a thing or two about another language. Go ahead and try it, and impress your friends with your new found knowledge of random things.