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Google+ gets a major UI overhaul focusing on Collections and Communities

Google+ gets a major UI overhaul focusing on Collections and Communities

by AshwinNovember 18, 2015

Google has given its social network, Google+, a major overhaul.

Google+ new
The Mountain View company is not giving up on it just yet, right?

Just when you were thinking who uses it anyway, the social network is back with a bang. As you may have read in my previous write up, Google spun-off Photos as a standalone service, and pulled it away from Google+, and it has been quit successfulbecause of the fact that it offers unlimited storage for photos which are below 16 megapixels in resolution.

So, what should Google work on next to make its social network better? According to the Mountain View company’s post, the majority of Google+ users, use two things on the website, Communities and Collections.

The former, is the more popular area of the network, at least according to my observations. Communities are like Facebook groups and are generally restricted, or should I say focussed on one topic. People participate in them actively to share their views, and also to help other users with their issues, especially in tech related groups. Commmunities are also an excellent way to discover things.

The reason I am describing it here, is because I want to differentiate it with Collections. These are not similar to Communities, although they are a set of posts related to one topic, with the main difference being these are user curated content.

Google has completely re-designed the interface of Google+ with the focus on Communities and Collections. Look at the GIF image above to get an idea of what it looks like.

There is a three line hamburger menu button, in the top left corner of the page, in place of the old button which indicated which section of the social network you were in. Collections and Communities get a higher preference in the sidebar, and are now on top of the list. For a comparison, this is the old UI of Google+, which I have to say looks clunky.

Google + old ui

The new Google+ will also make it easier for users to post, search, connect, and view the redesigned home stream in a much better way. Google also states that it has tweaked the entire service to load much faster. This may be due to the result of Google+ being debloated, as users are reporting that the new UI is devoid of Events, Photos, or Hangouts. The latter missing isn’t a big surprise, as Google has already spun it off in its own website, and also it is still available in Gmail.

Unfortunately, the new Google+ on the web is not available for all users just yet, but the Mountain View company says, users will see a prompt which says ” “Let’s go”. This well enable the new UI. Google says it will be available from today, but we haven’t seen any sign of it yet.

How to revert to the old Google UI:

Click on the toggle in the bottom left corner, to go back to the classic view of Google+.

The real question however is this, will these changes alone save Google+? Only time will tell the answer.