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Google Hangouts now lets you drag and drop images to the chat window

Google Hangouts now lets you drag and drop images to the chat window

by AshwinJuly 11, 2015

Google has announced that it is rolling a minor feature update to its web version of Hangouts, as well as the Chrome app.


The Mountain View company’s instant messaging service, now lets you drag and drop images to the chat window.

Prior to today’s update, the only way to add an image to a chat, was by clicking on the “Add a Photo” button, on the bottom right corner of the conversation window. And then you had to browse for a picture on your computer, or from the photos you have uploaded to Google. Finally you have to click on send, which will upload the photo to Google’s server after which it will be sent to your contact.

Quite a fun routine, isn’t it? Google’s new change will help you save a bit of time.

How to drag and drop an image to Google Hangouts?

1. Login to Gmail or Google+ or the Hangouts Chrome App in your desktop browser.

2. Resize the browser window, to allow screen space for another app to be opened. Aero Snap will be very handy for this purpose.

3. Open File Explorer and navigate to the folder where the image is stored.

4. Click and drag the image from File Explorer to the Chat window in Hangouts. (Refer to the above image)

5. The image should be attached to the conversation, and you should see a small preview of itt in the chat window. It will also have a large arrow icon, signifying that you can send the picture to your contact.


Unlike the regular uploading of images, which automatically sends it to your contact, drag and drop had a small advantage. You can remove an attached image, before sending it. To do so click on the small x button in the top right corner of the small send attachment window, which appears after you drag the image to Hangouts.

Google Engineer Mayur Kamat posted the announcement on Google Plus. His post also says that copy-pasting into the chat windows, will also add the image to the conversation. But I could not get it working in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. And commenters, at his post also say the same.

But drag-and-drop works well, and is available for all web browsers on Deskstops.

Google Hangouts on the Web was recently updated on the server side, and now allows users to send stickers to each other. Read more about it from my previous write up.