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Google Hangouts now lets you invite users to video calls, even if they don’t have a Google account

Google Hangouts now lets you invite users to video calls, even if they don’t have a Google account

by AshwinNovember 20, 2015

A few months ago, Google decided it was time to clean up its social networking website, Google+, and launch an independent website for its instant messaging service, Hangouts.


Though it was originally created to rival its fierce competitor, Facebook Messenger, the Mountain View company did polish up the new website some good features.

About 10 days ago, Google began rolling out some cosmetic changes for Hangouts video calls, with a distraction free UI, and also included a bunch of performance fixes to make the entire service speedy, as well as to improve the video call’s picture clarity and quality.

Now, it is rolling out a new feature for Hangouts, which will allow users to invite others to join a video call, even ┬áif they don’t have a Google account. You know what this means, you don’t have to sign in to your Gmail account to join a call at work. This guest account service, is actually pretty important, as the majority of businesses, do not allow users to use their Google account for official purposes. Most companies, have their own email services, which their employees can make use of for communication purposes, be it internal or external communication.

So, Google Hangout’s latest offering is a pretty sweet deal.

How to invites users to Hangouts video call if they don’t have an account:

  1. Login to Google Calendar, and create an event.
  2. Invite your guests using the Calendar
  3. They will receive the invite which includes a link to Hangouts.

Clicking on the link, will allow them access to join your Hangouts video call. You will still be able to accept/deny the guest to join the conversation, regardless of whether you are using the service on your PC’ web browser, the mobile app or Chromebox.

This new feature, is actually very similar to what Mozilla announced recently for its browser’s built-in call and messaging service, Firefox Hello. Sadly though the new calling feature in Google Hangouts is not available for all users. Android Police reports that this feature is exclusive to Business users, aka Google for Work users.

This also raises the question, whether users will be able to join the video call if they click it from any email or instant messaging service. But I suspect it should work without issues.

Yesterday,the Mountain View company rolled out a new UI for Google+, along with a new sidebar and focusing on its two greatest strengths, Collections and Communities. But it also included a major change in that, Hangouts is no longer available from the new UI of Google+.