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Google Hangouts Stickers are now available for desktop browsers

Google Hangouts Stickers are now available for desktop browsers

by AshwinJune 29, 2015

Google Hangouts is one of the most used instant messaging service today.


In case you aren’t aware, Hangouts was previously known as Google Talk.

The Mountain View company unified the Google Plus and Gmail Chat, in to one service called Google Hangouts, in May 2013. It wasn’t received well amongst users, as Hangouts took away several features. For starters, it did not allow users to sign in as “invisible”, thus denying some much needed privacy.

This was a huge drawback, as users were not able to tell which of their contacts was online. Then, it began displaying a green bar below the profile picture to highlight that the user was online.It was not until a year later since its debut, that Hangouts began displaying the green dot that you now see near a user’s profile picture.

Another disadvantage, was that a person using Hangouts could not chat with a person using the old Google Talk. But Google ended things badly, as it killed off support for Google Talk, in February 2015, thus forcing all users to use Hangouts.

Google Hangouts Stickers:

In December 2014, Google added something new to its Hangout apps for mobiles. The feature it added was Stickers.  Even though, Emoticons and Emojis continue to rule the internet when it comes to instant messaging, Tweeting, posting Facebook Status updates and more, a new era had dawned.

Stickers had become the trend, especially in Asian Countries, and were mostly used in apps like Viber, Line, Hike Messenger. In fact it was so popular that peoole began buying sticker packs in Instant Messaging apps. People found that Stickers express emotions better than emojis.

Google realized the frenzy behind it,  and hence added a few sticker packs to its Hangouts service. Again PC users were left behind, until recently. Although desktops could still display a sticker sent from the Hangouts mobile app, they could not send one back.

Today, I was browsing the web (using Firefox on my laptop), and was chatting with a friend on Hangouts. I clicked the emoji button, and noticed that it now had a new bar above the emoticons buttons.


I clicked on the icons in the new bar and found that they displayed stickers. They are the same stickers which are available on the mobile apps of Hangouts. And that includes the popular animated sticker set too.


Several other instant messaging apps and services now have stickers, including BBM, Facebook Messenger and more.