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Google Inbox adds support for cleaning the spam and trash folders

Google Inbox adds support for cleaning the spam and trash folders

by AshwinSeptember 10, 2015

Google’s other email service, Inbox has added support for a couple of new features in its web app.

Google Inbox Empty Bin Now Spam Trash

TheĀ  service now apparently allows users to cleaning their spam and trash folders.

Apparently? Well yes, I admit it, I do not use Google Inbox, as I find it to be clunky and boring. Email spam continues to be annoying as ever, and I get a few spam mails everyday in my Gmail, and I empty the folder at least once everyday. That is why I find it hilarious how a company behind the world’s most popular email service, Gmail, overlooked the lack of such basic features in Inbox. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

The Inbox by Gmail team posted the following announcement on Google+,

Small update: You can now empty Trash and Spam in Inbox. Thanks to everyone for your feedback requesting this feature.

This is a server side change, so you should be able to view the new options immediately. Interestingly, some users claim that they have had these features for a while now. This suggests that Google may have been rolling the features out on phases, before the announcement was made.

Similar to Gmail, Google Inbox will also delete emails which are over 30 days old. You can clear out the bin manaually by clicking o the “Empty bin now” button. (Refer to the above image).

Prior to when this feature was enabled, the only way to clear out the bin, was to login to Gmail and delete the folders, and then login back to Inbox. This is a bit of a hassle, and explains why a native clear bin feature was requested by Inbox users.

It was only recently that Inbox for Gmail added support for formatted text to email replies, another basic feature, which it was lacking.

Google has even been promoting Inbox by Gmail, by placing a text ad in Gmail‘s interface. But the problem with the low adoption rate to Inbox is not just the lack of basic features, but the fact that its greatest rival is none other than Gmail itself. The service, thanks to its decade long existence, and billions of users, has a plethora of features, some of which many services lack, let alone Inbox.

The only way to get more people to adopt to Inbox is by offering more unique features, apart from the existing useful ones such as Email Snoozing, and the Cards.