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Google Inbox is being promoted in Gmail in the form of a text ad

Google Inbox is being promoted in Gmail in the form of a text ad

by AshwinJuly 13, 2015

If you are using an Apple iPhone, or an Android phone, or tablet for that matter, it is likely that you have come across Google’s “other email” app.


It is called Inbox by Gmail.

And its not exclusive to mobile devices, Google Inbox is also available for desktop web browsers, but only if you activate on your mobile device first. Inbox is currently available for Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox desktop browsers.

Google has begun promoting Inbox in the most unusual way. It has begun displaying a promotional text banner in Gmail, which now asks users to try out Inbox.

Of course, not everyone are getting this text advertisement just yet. Google Operating System (an unofficial blog), reports that some users who do not have any new email in their Gmail’s inbox, are getting the new text ad.

This is what the ad reads:

“No new mail! Want to hit inbox zero more often? Try our new app, Inbox by Gmail.”


Is Gmail being done away with?

No that isn’t the case. When Google released Inbox, many users feared that the Mountain View company was going to kill off Gmail. That wasn’t an irrational thought, given Google’s infamous history of sending popular services to the dreaded graveyard, which includes the likes of Google Reader, Google Talk, Orkut, and many many more.

However, Inbox was not well received, and the invite-only system, which was need to access the web-app, didn’t help things. Recently, Google removed the invite system, to make Inbox public.

Now, the other question in mind was why launch Inbox when Gmail is available?

First of all, Inbox and Gmail are in no way similar. Why? Because, Gmail is an email service, while Inbox is merely a web app which works with Gmail. Inbox is targeted at users, who receive lots of emails.


Inbox also has some other useful features like sharing media files in realtime, and also displays emails which have information relating to your “updates, flight status, reservation details, and pictures”, without even you having to open the email.

Inbox allows you to Pin (and unpin) emails, set reminders, create labels to organize your emails. But the best part is that you can actually snooze emails, for a certain time, which will allow you to work without being distracted by notifications.

It is these features “view emails without opening them” and “snooze emails”, which are being highlighted in the new text ad’s line which says “Want to hit inbox zero more often?”.