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Google integrates Drive into Microsoft Office with a new plugin

Google integrates Drive into Microsoft Office with a new plugin

by AshwinJuly 23, 2015

Microsoft Office has gotten a new feature, and it is not from the Redmond Company.


It is from Google, and comes in the form of a new plugin.

The Mountain View company’s plugin adds Google Drive integration to Microsoft Office for Windows. And, I must say I am very surprised to see this move, considering that the company’s service Google Docs is a rival of the Microsoft’s Online App Suite, Office 365. But it is nice to see that Google has overlooked the fact, and is helping its users who use the Redmond Company’s offline productivity suite.

The Google Drive plugin for Microsoft Office can be downloaded from the official page. The file is a 1MB download, and running it initiates a web-installer. Once you have installed the plugin, open up Word or Excel or PowerPoint and it should automatically open the setup wizard for Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office.

You will need to login to your Google account to begin, after which you will be able to open your office documents stored in your Drive account.


You can then open files stored in drive, edit the files and, then save the changes to the file back to Drive.


Logging in to your Drive account using the plugin, adds a new tab called “Google Drive”, clicking on which displays a ribbon with settings for the Drive Plugin for Office.


And this applies to your local files as well, you can save your Office Documents to Google Drive directly and it will be uploaded right from Office for Windows. You can then edit the files using Google Docs too.

Why should I use this plugin when I have the Google Drive desktop app?

I bet you have this question on your mind. Technically, you can just save your docs in the Google Drive folder, and the desktop app should sync the changes to the files and save it to your Drive account. But, you will have to manually browse your computer’s folder’s to save or open files. The Google Drive plugin for Office lets you open and save files from Drive directly from the File Menu and the Google Drive Tab (Ribbon). This saves some precious time.

And added advantage is that you can install this plugin and use it, even without the Drive desktop app installed on your PC. You can also use the plugin’s options to share files with your friends and colleagues.

Some users have reported that, the Google Drive plugin does not work in Office 2016 for Windows. The plugin is not available for any Office for Mac including the latest Office 2016 for Mac.