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Google may bring its apps to Windows 10 after all

Google may bring its apps to Windows 10 after all

by AshwinOctober 6, 2015

Have you ever browsed the Windows Store only to find that most of Google’s apps aren’t even available there?


It is not something new actually, in fact it is one of the most debated issues on many a forum.

Google and Microsoft aren’t exactly pals, and often end up competing harshly againsta each other. In fact, Microsoft is often the bad guy, and has troubled Google on quite a few occassions. It has previously slammed the Mountain View compnay with patent infringement lawasuits, and even went on to defame Google with the infamous Scroogle campaign.

This was met with a well deserved block from Google, which prevented a YouTube app from being published on the Windows Store. As you sow, so shall you reap, right?

But all that seems to be in the past these days. Is it due to Satya Nadella’s leadership? I’m not sure about that, but it does appear that the two companies have buried the hatchet, and are moving to a better relationship.

And it’s not just happening with Google, Microsoft even extended the hand of friendship to Apple, when it showcased Office 2016 for Mac at an event recently.

A few months ago, just after Windows 10 was launched, Google updated its Search app for Windows to support the new operating system. And just about a month before this, the Mountain View company added support for the OpenSearch web standard, which allows its service to be used as the default search engine in Microsoft Edge, which is the new browser in Windows 10.

Reports emerging on the internet suggest that Google could be bringing more apps to Windows 10. This may be due to the fact that Microsoft has a plethora of its apps for Google’s mobile operating system, Android, all of which are available at the Play Store.

So maybe Google is just returning the favour, and not just for Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows 10 Mobile, which is also expected to be launched later today. Google could be publishing universal apps of its own web-apps for Windows 10, which could work on all devices running the OS.

We could be looking at Windows Apps for Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts, Google+, Google Drive, Google Maps released today at Microsoft’s event. Of course, all of these apps can be used directly from any web browser, but it is always nice to have a stand-alone app at hand which can perform the function of the web-apps.