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Google now allows users to mail in physical storage devices, and upload the data to its Cloud Service

Google now allows users to mail in physical storage devices, and upload the data to its Cloud Service

by AshwinAugust 25, 2015

Google has announced a new service, called Offline Media Import/Export, for users of its Cloud Storage Business.


The Mountain View Company will now allow users to ship in their physical strage devces, such as HDDs (Hard Drives), USB Flash Drives (Thumb drives or Pen Drives), etc, to import the data to its Cloud Storage.

Here is how this will work. Once a user saves and encrupts the data, to an external disk, he/she can choose to mail in their physical disk, it will shipped by any courier service of the user’s choice, and will be collected by a  third-party service, which will then upload the contents of the drive to Google’s Cloud. And this isn’t done through normal internet connections, instead, the data will be imported using high speed internet connections.

Google says that on an average, DSL connections which offer 10Mbps download speeds, have poor upload speeds, such as 1Mbps, with some plans offering a mere 768kbps upload speed. This could result in terrible upload rate, for e.g. 1000GB (One TeraByte) of data cpuld take over a hundred days to be uploaded with the aforementioned speed.

Google’s new service eliminates the huge delay, for a nominal fee, which users have to pay directly to the third-party service involve, as well as a payment separately charged for Google’s Cloud Storage.

Naturally, this will not be of much use to the majority of individuals (regular users), but if you are a developer who has thousands of gigs of data on your local drives, you can avail this service.. However the service’s primary focus will be businesses. Especially if they use a slow connection, and have tons of data to upload.

Additionally, Google says that once the data has been uploaded, the drive which was mailed in by the user, can be returned back to the user, or kept in storage securely, pr even destroyed by the third party service. It is up to the user to decide what needs to be done.

Availability of the service:

Google’s Offline Media Import/Export is only available in North America for the moment, and users will be able to available the service of the reputed firm, Iron Mountain, who will handled the import/export procedure of the contents of the physical drive, to Google’s Cloud. The Mountain View Company’s support page for the service, suggests that it will making its debut soon in the APAC  (Asia Pacific) and the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa).