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Google officially announces Undo Send for Gmail after six years of beta testing

Google officially announces Undo Send for Gmail after six years of beta testing

by AshwinJune 23, 2015

Google officially announces Undo Send for Gmail after six years of beta testing.


Welcome to 2009.

Yes, Google had introduced Undo Send six years ago. The NextWeb reports that it was released in March 2009. But it was only available from Gmail’s Lab Settings, where experimental features are available for users to test.

What is Undo Send?

The name is self explanatory.  But I will describe it here briefly. Everyone makes mistakes, after all to err is human. But sometimes we become embarrassed by the slightest errors. The world of Internet is rampant with errors in spelling, commonly known as typos.

Of course, your close friends and relatives will ignore such errors. But professionals may not be amused. What if the email you just sent to your interviewer had some  erroneous grammatical sentence structure formations, or mistyped incorrect information.

In the worst case scenario, you may have accidentally sent it to the wrong contact, or a person with a name similar to that of the intended recipient?

If you have happened to experience such a circumstance, you may have wished that you had never sent the email, and if only you could get it back. Well that is what Undo Send does.

It can recall a sent email, but only if you are quick to react.

Google recently introduced Undo Send in Inbox, its email app for web browsers, iOS and Android. And now it has announced that the feature is being rolled out to all Gmail users. But it is not enabled by default. You can do so  by the following the small guide below.

Users who previously had it enabled in Gmail’s Labs will have the option enabled by default.

How to enable Undo Send in Gmail

1. Click on the Gear icon in the top right corner of Gmail.

2. Select “Settings” from the drop down menu.


3. Now, you should be in the “General” tab of the Settings.

4. Scroll down and you will find an option for Undo Send.

5. Tick the checkbox besides the option to enable Undo Send.



Now you will be able to recall emails which you send from your Gmail account. If you find the default option of 10 seconds to Undo Send is not enough, you are in luck. Google allows you to choose between 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds of Send cancellation period, to recall an email.

When you send an email using Gmail, you will notice a brief pop-up which says “Message sent. View Message.” When you have Undo Send enabled, the pop-up will also have an “Undo option.


Click on it to recall your email.

Gmail-Undo-Send-UndoingAfter a brief wait of a few seconds, the sending is undone.


This should prove to be quite useful.

Note: This feature is only available from the Web interface of Gmail, and not in its mobile apps.