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Google+ on the web adds Auto-Play GIFs option, new Community sidebar, Notification indicator and more

Google+ on the web adds Auto-Play GIFs option, new Community sidebar, Notification indicator and more

by AshwinDecember 14, 2015

About a month ago, Google gave its social networking website, Google+, a massive overhaul, in a bid to make it more user friendly.

Google+ Web Preview Update 12.11

And now, it is rolling out some more tweaks, here and there, to polish things up.

Apparently, these were changes which users unanimously voted for. The announcement was made on, well, Google+, by Luke Wroblewski. These are the changes which the G+ Web Preview Update 12/11 brings.

Community links:

One of the major changes in the update, is that it enables links for Communities categories. These can be found placed on the sidebar on the left side of the screen.

Auto-play animated GIFs:

Google+ will now auto-play animated GIFs. But don’t worry, you can disable this by toggling the setting easily.

Go to and scroll down to Stream >  Auto-play animated images in the stream > Always/Desktop/Never, and choose the setting you want.

Google+ Auto-Play GIFs

Additionally, you can also set the auto-play GIFs setting to work only on the desktop website, but won’t on the mobile apps of Google+. GIFs will still play when you click on them in a post.

Pin posts in Collections:

You can now pin a post in collections, so it will appear on top of the timeline. Stickied posts will display a pinned status text, just above the post icon to indicate that it has been pinned.

New notification indicator:

The notification indicator on the Google+ toolbar, (the one which has the cute little smiling bell), has been changed. The circle around the icon with the bell and notification count, has been dropped. So the new icon will just display a bell or count to blend in with the other components in the toolbar.

Discard new message warning:

Sometimes we may accidentally close a tab or a browser window, before posting something. When you have entered some content in a new post on Google+, and you try to navigate away, the website will now display a warning. The pop-up prompts you to keep the post or discard it, depending on your preference. This will not only save you time, but also the content, which you may otherwise have to retype from scratch.

We got some of the new changes in our Google+ account already, at the time of writing this post. But some of them aren’t available yet. Google has not mentioned when these tweaks will roll out to Google+ Web Preview, you can check the changes in the screenshot featured above, so we can expect it to be made available to all preview users over the next few days/weeks.