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Google Photos has 100 Million active monthly users

Google Photos has 100 Million active monthly users

by AshwinOctober 22, 2015

Remember Google Photos? The service was launched just a few months ago.

Google Photos 100 Million Landmark
And you will not believe how many users it has.

Google has officially announced that Photos has a whopping 100 Million users, who actively use the service every month. That actually is very surprising, since Google is very secretive, and never reveals the exact number of how many users one of its services has.

Ironically Google Photos, is a spin-off of Google+. The latter is the Mountain View company’s social network, which is widely regarded as a huge flop. It is also believed to be the reason why Google actually decided to make Photos into a separate service.

Not everyone likes to take part on social networks and forums. And this only gets worse when the social network isn’t exactly popular, and you can’t find your friends or relatives on it. This is exactly the case why Google+ never took off. Google has tried to boost it in several ways, the most notable one would be when the company removed its YouTube comments system, and replaced it with Google+ comments, making it mandatory for every user to sign up for the service to leave a comment for the video.

Even that didn’t help the growth of Google+ by much, which actually puts the whole Google Photos thing into perspective. The highlight of the service, is that it offers a ton of free storage space for uploading photos. In fact, you can upload unlimited number of photos, as long as they are under 16 megapixels or under in resolution. No wonder the service has over 100 Million active users in just five months. Of course, you could attribute a part of that to the fact that Google+ Photos was killed off in August to make room for “Photos”, with all images stored on the former being transferred into the new service.

Google has posted a video which proudly showcases the landmark achievement of reaching 100 Million Users:

Here are some cool facts about Google Photos. Paris is apparently the top photographed place in the World, and is followed by New York and Barcelona. Food is the thing that people take photos of, second only to, well, people. Did you know that the most uploaded photos of animals is of Dogs, and not of cats?Shocking isn’t it? Want to know more facts about Google Photos? Head over to the announcement page for more.