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Google Photos is now independent from Google Plus, and offers unlimited storage for free

Google Photos is now independent from Google Plus, and offers unlimited storage for free

by AshwinMay 29, 2015

Google has announced that its Photo sharing service Google Photos is now independent from Google Plus.


The service which debuted in the Mountain View company’s social network has some great new features as well.

The announcement was made at the Google I/O Developer Conference, which is held every year, in San Francisco.

Features of Google Photos:

Google Photos will automatically upload photos from all your devices, in to the cloud service’s storage. These photos can then be accessed from any devices, regradless of the plaform the device runs on. Photos even supports real-time editing, thus allowing any change you make to be reflected on all of your devices.

Google Photos organizes your collection of photos into various categories, automatically. These include places, people, and things. The photos are also searchable, allowing you to quickly find the photo you are looking for, with ease.

Google Photos is more than just a photo storing service. It even lets you edit your pictures, and add filters to the photos right from your browser. The service also lets you share images with other users. Multiple photo sharing is also available. You can even share photos to people who aren’t using Google Photos.

Free unlimited storage for high quality photos:

Yes, you read that right. Google Photos has unlimited storage, so you can upload photos without worrying about running out of storage space. However there is a small catch.

Techcrunch notes that not all photos have support for free storage. Google says that it will offer free storage for Photos which are up to 16 Megapixels resolution. These fall into the high quality images and videos category.

Users of DSLR cameras, who want to save photos in their original quality will not be able to avail the free storage. Their photos will only be stored in the 15GB of free storage, that Google offers.

And honestly it is not unfair, because, as the image resolution increases, so does the size of the image. So images taken with a DSLR will eat up tons of space, burdening the storage servers. If you wish to upload DSLR images, take a look at the support page for more assistance.

Official video:

Google Photos has already been rolled out to all users. Head over to the Google Photos website and get started with the new service now. Google Photos is also available as an app for Android and iOS users, with some more advanced features.