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Google Photos makes sharing photos easier with collaborative Shared Albums

Google Photos makes sharing photos easier with collaborative Shared Albums

by AshwinDecember 11, 2015

A few months ago, Google decided it was time to clean up its social newtorking website, Google+, and spun off Google Photos as a separate service.

Google Photos Shared Albums

Later it launched an individual website for its instant messaging service Hangouts, before recently removing support for the service from Google+.

Google Photos allowed users to send the photos they upload to the cloud, to their loved ones with easy sharing options like web links, email and text messages (phone version). But Google is making things slightly easier now, by allowing users to share entire photo albums with their family and friends.

The Mountain View company terms this feature as Google Shared Albums. And it doesn’t require any complicated setup process.

All you have to do to share an album, is select a set of images and choose to send them to a recipient. This will create an album. What makes this feature unique, is that these albums are colaborative, meaning the user you sent the album to will be able to join it. This then enables the new member, to also add their own pictures to your album, hence the name “Shared Albums”.

You can choose to disable others form adding images to the album, an option which is useful if you’re going to share the album publicly. Yes, you can share the album via email, IM, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any where you want to.

Google Photos Shared Albums link

Once a member adds more photos to the album, the other users in the group are automatically notified about it, and can view the images immediately.

Google Shared Albums:

Even though the video features the Android mobile app, the process is the same on PC (and iOS). Check the first screenshot, where we selected some images. You can select multiple images by clicking on images individually, or by holding the shift key down.

This is kind of nice, as you can use it to make an album with sets of photos of an occasion, with photos that each member took, and view them all under one place. This isn’t limited to just photos, you can also use it for videos as well.

And there’s more goodness. You can actually save the photos and videos from the album, to your own Google Photos library, and view it at any time.

Shared Albums are not exclusive to Google Photos on the Web, it is also available for Android and iOS devices as well. The new feature is rolling out to all users already, so head over to Photos and give it a try.