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Google Privacy and Security settings merged into one dashboard called “My Account”

Google Privacy and Security settings merged into one dashboard called “My Account”

by AshwinJune 1, 2015

Google Privacy and Security settings are being merged into a unified My Account page.


The Mountain View company is making it easier for users to manage their account’s confidential information.

You can access the new privacy and security settings in two ways, as noted by PCWorld. The first one is likely to be used more commonly, log in to your Google account and open the Gmail website, or the Google search webpage. Click on your photo in the top right corner, and click on “Account”, to head to the new security page.

The second method to get to the My Account page is by visiting the URL

You will find a multitiude of security and privacy options in the dashboard. The primary options are Sign-in & Security, Personal info & Privacy, and Account Preferences.

Sign-in & Security lets you change your Google password, view the device activity and manage the way you receive security alerts. You can also enable 2-step verification, manage app passwords, recovery options, and the apps & sites you have connected to using your Google account.

Personal info & Privacy allows users to manage their information like name, email, phone number, picture. It also allows users to manage their search and browsing settings, including deleting searches and browsing history. This section also has options to remove information regarding the places you have visited in Google Maps, and info stored in devices from which you have access your Google Account and used Google’s services and apps.

You can also download all your data from Google Takeout, which we covered recently. You can also setup the Inactive Account Manager, and nominate a family member or friend, who will be granted access to your Google account, when your account has been unused for a long time, i.e in the event of death, or any other circumstance.

Account Preferences lets you tweak various Google settings like the language, account deletion, Accessibility services, and also allows you to manage your Google Drive storage.

You can also run a security check-up and a privacy check-up for your Google account from the My Account page.

Google has always been upping the ante on the security options, it provides to its users. Recently, it revealed that malicious ads are a huge problem, resulting in phishing scams and viruses.

Google also says that Security Questions aren’t secure. The Mountain View company also released a new extension for Google Chrome, called Password Alert, which protects users from phishing attacks. The extension scrambles a user’s password, thus making it impossible for hackers to steal passwords. It also notifies the user when a duplicate password is detected in another website.