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Google removes the Change Search Location option from Search Results

Google removes the Change Search Location option from Search Results

by AshwinDecember 1, 2015

Google has removed a rather useful feature, from its search results.

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You can no longer use the Change Search Location option that the Mountain View company used to provide earlier.

This option would allow the user to filter the search results by different countries. For example, if you searched for something but did not find the expected result, you have two options.

Either, you have to re-search for the content you were looking for by using better search terms, or narrow down the search results with some advanced settings or filters.

One such option, allows (used to) you to filter the results based on the country. Enabling this option would then only display the results from the blogs or websites, based on the country you selected.

This is especially handy when you need to find local and relevant articles.

For instance, say you were looking for Black Friday deals in Chicago, or a Thanksgiving recipe. Assuming that the search results which Google returned  were not optimal, you could click on the option and select United States, to get better results, and only those which originated from America. It was also useful for content creators like us, who wanted to observe how articles appear in searches from other countries.

This option, sadly no longer works, or should I say, no longer available in Google Search. Well it is still there, but it does not allow you to change the search location at all, making it pointless.

Search Engine Land, writes that some of its readers, had reported about the missing feature in search results, about two weeks ago. Apparently, some users could still access it during the time period. But now, it appears that Google has removed the option for all users. There is no official announcement regarding the change either.

Usually regional websites tend to provide more accurate information about local news, and with a local flavor too, which intrigues the reader. With this subtle, yet powerful change in the search results settings, regional websites, are bound to lose some of their previous traffic to bigger players, who boast a better SEO ranking.

It’s pretty much unclear, as to why the Mountain View company removed this option. Perhaps it is merely a bug, or maybe Google is bringing in a more advanced version of the feature. But one thing is certain, there is absolutely no workaround for the issue as of now.