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Google Search for Windows app updated for Windows 10

Google Search for Windows app updated for Windows 10

by AshwinAugust 10, 2015

Google has updated its search app for Windows 10.


A few weeks before Windows 10 was launched, the Mountain View announced something that surprised users, pleasantly of course.

The World’s No. 1 Search Provider, revealed that it now supports OpenSearch standard, and that Microsoft Edge users can use Google as their search engine.

Google knows well that it is likely to lose users from its Chrome browser, who may shift to Microsft Edge, the new default browser in Windows 10. That is the reason why it adopted OpenSearch, to at least retain users who could drift away to Microsoft Bing.

But it may not be enough to just have its Search Engine available for Windows 10. Google has another rival in Windows 10, one it may find difficult to replace, one which is built right in to the operating system. Yes, I am talking about Cortana, the digital personal assistant, from Microsoft.

Cortana’s integration in Windows 10 runs deep, she can search for files, information, weather reports, set reminders, appointments, and more.

Nevertheless Google had to do something about it, and compete for the “Search” crown.¬† The Mountain View company is aware of the fact, that Microsoft’s latest operating system, is hot property, with a reported 27 million users now using Windows 10.

So, Google released a new update for its app today. Whole there is no official change-log available, Microsoft-News reports that the app has a new interface, based on Android’s Material Design. But apart from the UI overhaul, there doesn’t seem to be anything new in the app. Reports say that the app doesn’t work well enough, and has a few bugs.

Download the updated Google Search for Windows app from the Windows Store. The app is about 17MB to download.

Personally, I did not like the app one bit, as it merely is a simplified browser which can search for and open links. But there is a setting which allows you to set it to open links in the default browser, instead but I fail to see the purpose of it. One can “Google” from a web browser directly. The lack of customization is another downside.

If only Google would release Chrome for Windows 10. Speaking of which, Google is yet to release Windows apps for some of its most popular services, including YouTube and Hangouts. The company would do well to release YouTube for Windows, especially as it is ad-ridden, meaning it could fill its coffers up.