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Google Search now displays a card for downloading the software you queried for

Google Search now displays a card for downloading the software you queried for

by AshwinAugust 14, 2015

Google is rolling out an update to its Search service, which adds in a really useful feature.


When you “Google” for anything be it an app or a help article, or some news, all that the search result displays are links which it finds are useful to you, and then puts an ad on top of the results which is relevant to your query.

But now the Mountain View Company wants to do more. Google Search now displays a card for downloading the software you queried for. For example, if you searched for “Google Chrome Download”, the first search result displayed is no longer just a link which contains the keyword.

In fact, it is not even just a link, instead it is a card which links directly to the download page of the queried product. (refer to the above image)

While this may save time for users, which would have otherwise been wasted by scrolling down the search results, it has some drawbacks as well. All it does is merely link to the product’s download page, which means you will have to visit the webpage and download the file by clicking on the option. The second drawback is that it may not link to the developer’s website, and may only link to the most popular download page.

For e.g: A query for “Download Audacity” links to the Sourceforge page, where the installer is hosted, and not to Audacity’s website.


And it doesn’t work for all queries, with a query for Firefox resulting in a normal search result, without cards.

I think that it may not be ideal for downloading large programs. For instance, of you are downloading a large program, you are better off downloading an offline installer to save bandwidth. But if such files are hosted on a separate page, rather than the download page, the Google Search Card will pretty much be useless in that scenario. Also, chances are the user may completely ignore the Card mistaking it for an ad banner.

GOS reported the availability of Google Search Cards yesterday, and I was curious to try it out, but VB‘s article mentions that the feature works only in the U.S., and I can confirm that. I tried searching for “Google Chrome Download” in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, only to see the regular search results. So, it is possible that Google may be rolling out the feature slowly in other Countries.