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Google Search now displays realtime Tweets in search results

Google Search now displays realtime Tweets in search results

by AshwinAugust 24, 2015

Google has rolled out a server side change for its Search Engine, which will now display Tweets in the Search Results.


This is new feature is for Google Search on desktops. But don’t fret, as Google Search on mobile devices, already has this feature.

It was only a few months ago, that Twitter and Google signed an agreement, which allowed the latter to display Tweets in real-time search results. This was done after nearly a four year break, when Google’s agreement with Twitter expired in 2011.

Google has made an official announcement at its Search Blog, but it decided to show off the feature in a humorous way, on Twitter, in a conversation with Twitter, obviously. Here is what it said:

Another bit of good news is that, there are no geo-restrictions for Tweets in Search Results, as Google has enabled this feature for all Countries.

So the next time you search for something related to Twitter, for e.g.: ESPN Twitter, you will see a bunch of Tweets related which ESPN has tweeted. The tweets are displayed in real-time, so the most recent ones show up in the search results.

Tweets appear at the very top of the page, in a section above “In The News”in the search results. You can also search for people, with tweets from famous personalities and companies, likely to be highlighted in the results. If I am not wrong, it only displays search results for accounts which have a huge fan following. But still it could be pretty handy to get the latest news and updates without visiting Twitter.

And the search results also display inline images which were featured in the Tweet. You can also search for popular topics like “Football Twitter”, to get Tweets about the topic.

This new agreement between the Search Giant, and the Social Network, also fuels speculations that Google could be interested in acquiring Twitter. And that’s not exactly a bad thing. The Mountain View company’s own social networking website, Google+, was never popular, and has been losing interest from users, mostly due to the fact that users don’t find their friends on it, thanks to the presence of Facebook, which is undoubdetly the most popular social website.

Twitter, on the other hand, has a bit of both Worlds in its existence. Though it is hugely popular, the social network’s financial status has been plunging in recent times. A potential acquisition by Google, would benefit both parties, with Twitter’s survival ensured, while Google can fill up its coffers, by replacing Twitter’s ads with its own.