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Google tries to attract users away from Microsoft Office by offering freebies

Google tries to attract users away from Microsoft Office by offering freebies

by AshwinOctober 20, 2015

Google Docs maybe a popular choice for Online work, but it has got a serious competitor.

Google Apps for Work Free

No prizes for guessing who the rival is, yes it is none other than Microsoft Office.

Let’s face it, the Redmond Company’s offering is the one, when it comes for editing Office Docs, there is no denying it. So, what would be a good way to attract those users to use Google’s Office for Work. Offering the service for free sounds like a good idea, right?

That’s exactly what Google is doing, and I’m not joking. According to reports, Google will give defectors from Microsoft Office, a free package of its Work software, which is normally worth $5 or $10 per user each month. The Mountain View company will offer an equivalent value of usage, to the duration of that which the user’s contract with Microsoft, sums up to.

Google will reportedly compensate companies who switch to its Work software, by paying up to $75,000 to each company. Naturally, Google is losing money on this by offering its services for free. Although Google’s main source of revenue is from advertising, so it may not hamper the company’s revenue results that much.

The Mountain View company’s productivity suite offers quite a bit more than what Microsoft offers. The Redmond company offers Outlook, One Drive, Office Online Apps, and more. And Google Apps for Work offers Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, and Google Docs with business specific features such as custom email addresses, additional cloud storage space, priority tech support, business-grade security options ad several other tools.

There is a catch in Google’s freebie offer to those defecting from Microsoft Office, in that the company is limiting the free usage to 3000 people per user. That is, a company with 3000 employees can sign up for the offer.

It appears that a whole lot of people are using Google for Work, the numbers reveal that there are over 600 companies which have at least 10,000 employees are using its Work software. So, it is quite clear that this is one hell of an industry, and the competition is sure to be quite high. No wonder Google is doing all it can to beef up its business.

The free Google for Work promotional offer, is only available in the U.S, for now, and will be open for the next six months. Google will expand this offer to reach out to more Countries in the future.