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GroupMail Free Edition Review

GroupMail Free Edition Review

by January 31, 2016

GroupMail 6 Free Edition Review

It is a well-known fact that time is money, so you must to cherish the time you have and properly allocate it for getting maximum results in your business.

Email marketing is one of the most popular, effective and simple ways to promote your business online and get a lot of subscribers or clients. It is becoming more and more popular in the world because of its high efficiency, speed and low cost. If you want to inform your subscribers or customers, for example, about special offers, promotions, and so on, the best way is to use a special email client for bulk mail sending. The reliable and advanced email client will help you to increase the number of subscribers on the one hand and get solid income on the other hand.

GroupMail 6 created by Groupmail Ltd, is just that unique application which will greatly facilitate your email marketing job. It contains a lot of great features that allow you to create and send professionally composed email messages to your potential or regular customers directly from your computer. GroupMail 6 will increase the number of customers and significantly improve the quality of your service.

GroupMail 6 is a full-featured software application to compile and send marketing email messages for the Windows operating system. With the help of the program, you will be able to send out, for example, customized press releases, newsletters, and so on, in plain, rich or HTML format to your customers and subscribers. GroupMail 6 is a very fast and easy to use application which has got practically everything that is needed for achieving maximum results in your business.

Thanks to GroupMail 6 you can create, manage and send your own fully personalized and attractive marketing mail messages to your regular subscribers and potential customers.

The best way to test this program is to download it from the official website. It is not big; just 13 MB in size. Currently the program supports five languages- English, German, Spanish, French and Polish.

GroupMail 6 is offered in four different editions- Free, Personal, Business and Marketing Pack; so before buying paid editions, you can try a free one. Of course, it is very feature-limited as compared with more advanced editions, but it includes all basic options and tools which allow you to test and make yourself familiar with it. For example, with the help of the free edition, you can add unlimited recipients per group; send mail messages up to 100 recipients at the same time, and some others. The free version also includes 39 free HTML templates, tweet buttons, advanced rich, plain text and HTML editor, social media profiles, and so on.

Personal edition, unlike the free one, allows you to use up to three simultaneous connections at the same time, manage subscriptions, and so on.

As for Business and Marketing Pack editions, they include everything and offer a complete and wide range of features and tools, for example, up to 256 simultaneous connections, no send limits, a lot of free HTML templates, unlimited recipients per send, message scheduler, autoresponder tool, and tons of others.

The full list of all features and differences among editions can be found on the official Groupmail website.

The installation procedure does not require much time and a lot of efforts. Only some standard steps are needed for its completion. First of all you should select the desired setup language (the program supports the following five languages- English, French, German, Spanish and Polish). After that you will be greeted with the welcome screen which will help you to go through all necessary steps. In the first step you should accept the license agreement and read some additional info about the program; in the second step GroupMail 6 allows you to select the destination location and one of three installation types (i.e. full, compact or custom installation); after selecting and customizing all required features, the program will start extracting all necessary components and less than a minute you will be able to start using it.

Installation 2

Installation 6

Installation 9

Installation 10

Interface- the interface of GroupMail 6 is very convenient and easy to use. At the top-left corner of the main window there is a menu bar which contains four buttons with the drop-down menus- File (it offers commands for creating new messages and groups and importing or exporting recipients’ list), View, Tools (different tools can be found in this menu, for example, account manager, signature manager, and so on) and Help (it contains some information about the program and provides links to the official Groupmail website for getting help files and online tutorials and articles, etc.).

Below the Menu bar there is a toolbar; it contains ten buttons- Home (it is a main window of the program; all important and basic tools and features are collected there, for example, tools for creating a new message or new group, adding signatures, and so on), Message (via this toolbar menu you have the possibility to manage all your messages and templates on the one hand and share your documents through Microsoft OneDrive desktop client), Group (it allows you to manage groups), Scheduler (with the help of this very useful tool, you can schedule any event; unfortunately, it is not available in the Free edition), Tracking (this tool allows you to track your email messages in real time; for activating it, you should to create a new account on online service GroupMetrics), Services (it offers different GroupMetrics services), Console (this feature provides you with the status of the GroupMail delivery queue and current mailing), Autoresponder (it allows you to configure autoresponder feature, i.e. you can send emails to any group automatically at specified time; this feature is not available in the Free edition), Backup (this tool allows you to back up and restore, for example, message drafts, templates, accounts, and so on; this feature is not available in the Free edition, either) and Search 9it allows you to search for groups).

Main Interface- Home

The Main Features of the Program

Messages- GroupMail 6 has got a very convenient and advanced editor for creating email messages which is available in both plain and rich text formats. Its interface is very easy to use. At the top-left corner there is a Menu Bar which consists of seven drop-down menu buttons- File, Edit, Insert, Format, View, Tools and Help. These buttons provide you with all necessary tools and options to create email messages. Below the Menu Bar you will find a Toolbar which contains the most needed tools and allows you to use the most frequent and necessary commands, for example, tools for sending or saving messages, adding signatures or correcting mistakes, and so on.

The main window contains fields for entering recipient’s mail address and subject on the one hand and a special window for messages on the other hand. Above this message window you can find a special toolbar which allows you to select the desired font, letter style, alignment or add attachments, hyperlinks, and so on.

Message Editor- main

Message editor allows you to perform a lot of actions, namely:

Import- you have the possibility to import HTML document, Web page URL (simply enter the address of the web page) and Word document into your email message.

Save- created messages can be saved as a new draft document (the supported formats are HTM, HTML and Text; in addition, the program allows you to save messages in its own GMD format) and template.

Save to OneDrive- if you have got and use Microsoft OneDrive, you can take full advantage of this tool; it allows you to upload and share your documents via OneDrive desktop client on the one hand and sync them across all your devices (for example, tablets, smartphones, and so on) on the other hand.

Insert and Add- the message editor allows you to insert or add various elements and objects to the email messages.

Signature- with the help of the program you can create personalized signatures for your email messages. GroupMail 6 allows you to create signatures in plain and rich text format. All you need is to enter a name for the signature, select the preferred format and write the desired text. In addition, you have the possibility to add signatures from a file in TXT format.

Signature 1

Signature 2

Attachments- any file can be attached to your message; simply select the file from the Windows Explorer and it will be immediately added to the message.

Hyperlink- hyperlinks are very important because they provide your recipients with different online resources. It is no wonder that GroupMail 6 offers this very useful tool; just specify the link text, select the desired hyperlink type (for example, HTTP, FTP, and so on) and enter the URL address.

Insert Hyperlink

Bookmarks- of course, your email messages can be also enhanced with bookmarks. All you need is to specify the name of your bookmark and it can be added to the message.

Insert Bookmark

Picture- GroupMail 6 allows you to insert pictures to the message. The program offers two ways for inserting images, i.e. you can insert a local image (i.e. images from the local computer; simply, select the desired image from the Windows Explorer) and remote image (in this case, you should provide the image URL which will be linked to the massage). The supported image formats are GIF, JPG and PNG.

Inser Image

Table- the program allows you to insert tables to the image; you have the possibility to specify table size (i.e. rows and columns), table attributes (i.e. width, height, alignment, background color and image, border color and size and cell spacing and padding) and cell attributes (i.e. background and border color and alignment). The following image formats are supported for background image- GIF, JPG, JPEG, JPE, JFIF, PNG and BMP.

Inser Table

Social Media Profile- of course, you can add links of your social media pages, for example, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Add Social Media Profile

In addition, you can also insert horizontal lines, Tweet button and RSS Feed post to your message.

It should be noted that you can customize and configure some message related options, for example, message type (i.e. plain or rich text), message encoding (for example, 8 Bit, Base 64, etc.), font, and so on.

HTML Templates- GroupMail 6 includes free templates to use which can be added to your email messages to beautify them. All templates are conveniently divided into five groups- Holidays and special occasions (for example, Happy Easter, Halloween, and so on), Mobile Friendly (only one template is included), Basic Letter Style (for example, Bookend, Column Teal, etc.), Variety Pack (for example, Music, Candy, etc.), and Starter Layouts with images (for example, Left Sidebar, etc.).

In addition, the program allows you to use your own templates; just create a new message and save it as a template and afterwards use it for other messages.

If you want other free email HTML templates, you can easily get them from the official Groupmail website.

More advanced editions, of course, include more templates to use, for example, Marketing Pack and Business- more than 142 templates and Personal- 108 ones.

Templates 1

Groups- GroupMail 6 offers effective ways for creating and managing groups; with the help of the program you can easily create groups and edit them.

Create a New Group- there are three different ways to create groups in the program; from GroupMail format (it is a default type), External databases (for example, SQL, Access, and so on) and Address book (i.e. from Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Exchange, and so on). The second and third types are not available in the Free edition. If you want to take full advantage of these types, you should upgrade to the Business edition.

New Group 1

New Group 2

Import Recipients- it is very easy to import recipients to GroupMail 6. The program offers three different ways to do that; you have the possibility to import recipients from email Address Books (for example, vCard or Windows contacts, and so on), Files (i.e. from text and binary files) and Database systems (for example, MySQL, SQL, Access, etc.; this type of import is available only in the Business edition).

Import Recipients

Recipient Tools- with the help of this feature you can search and update recipients’ email addresses across created groups. For example, GroupMail 6 allows you to change the current email address, update groups, and so on.

Recipients tool

Exclusion List- with this feature you can create a list of recipients from whom you do not want to receive email messages. All you need is to specify an email address and a group. In the Business edition you have the possibility to import this list into the program.

Exclusion List

Tools- the Free edition also offers a very limited set of tools which allows you to create an account, track your messages and tweak some recipient details.

Accounts-GroupMail 6 offers three different ways for adding your email accounts, i.e. Auto account setup, Manual account setup and SMTP2GO.

Auto account setup is very easy; just enter your name, email address and password and the program will connect to the mail server and configure your account for you.

Manual account setup allows you to configure all parameters manually; after entering a name for the account, you have the possibility to specify User information (i.e. name, organization and email address; in addition, you can also configure custom headers for each sent message by specifying a header name and value) and Delivery options (these options allow you to select the desired way of delivering your messages; GroupMail 6 offers four delivery options, namely, Standard- all messages will be sent via SMPT server; Direct, i.e. all messages will be sent directly from the computer; Outlook, i.e. via Microsoft Outlook; and Pickup, i.e. this option allows you to select and use any third party pickup service to deliver. All you need is to choose the pickup folder).

Besides above mentioned options, you can also configure authentication settings, i.e. SMPT authentication (for example, type, username and password) and POP authentication (for example, POP3 server, username and password) and advanced email settings (i.e. you can configure SMPT and POP3 ports, connections, SMPT domain, and so on).

SMTP2GO is the most advanced way to send your email messages. You need to create an account on the official smtp2go website and try all its features for free.

Welcome 3

Welcome 4

Tracking- for using this feature, you need to create an account on the group-metrics official website. It is a paid service, but you have the possibility to try it for one month. GroupMetrics is a very useful service which allows you to get real-time reports about your email activity.


Business edition offers more advanced tools which are not available in the Free version, i.e. Backup (it allows you to back up, for example, groups, accounts, exclusion list, and so on, and easily restore all options and settings if anything goes wrong), Schedule (with the help of this tool you can schedule any number of emails and automatically send them at specified time), Autoresponder (it is a very useful tool which helps you to automated reminder notifications, birthday wishes, etc. without your intervention) and Email inspector (it allows you to inspect and check email addresses for DNS and SMPT validity.

System Requirements

Operating System-Windows ME- Windows 10

Processor- Pentium 2 or better

Memory- 128 MB or higher

HD Free Space- 100 MB or more

Internet Connection.


GroupMail 6 free edition does not offers as many tool and possibilities as, for example, Business version, but I think it is more than enough for the common users. It provides you with effective and reliable ways to work with emails and send them to your subscribers and customers. With the help of the program you can create advanced email messages in plain and rich text formats, send up to 100 emails simultaneously, use more than 30 inbuilt HTML templates, and some others.

GroupMail 6 includes everything you need for mass email sending to your groups of subscribers. If you want more advanced functions, you can buy more advanced versions which offer a wide range of tools and options.


1. Very easy to use interface.
2. Very convenient and advanced message editor.
3. More than 30 inbuilt HTML templates.
And a lot of others.



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