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GTA V for PC updated to version 335.1, here is the change log and a fan made Graphics comparison video

GTA V for PC updated to version 335.1, here is the change log and a fan made Graphics comparison video

by AshwinApril 22, 2015

Exactly a week has passed, since GTA V officially made its debut on PC.

GTA V PC Los Santos

The game is Grand, no question about that, but it did run into some minor annoyances in the form of  technical issues.

Initially, just after the game was launched, it refused to install on systems no thanks to a username issue, but Softpedia notes that this was was fixed quickly in a patch from Rockstar Games.

However, as time progressed more issues were spotted, and the game studio has released a new patch for the game which should iron out the more sinister glitches and bugs.

Let’s analyze the GTA V for PC version 335.1 change-log:

One of the main changes is that you no longer need Windows Media Player to install the Game. But you will Windows Media Foundation instead.  (That almost made me smile.)

It also fixes some issues relating to the launcher, including one where the Steam overlay covered up the Launcher buttons. The patch fixes several issues relating to the Rockstar Editor, which is exclusive to the PC version of GTA V.

Players will no longer be able to buy more vehicles, than their properties can store. Other bugs which have been fixed include the loss of saved settings after restarting, the Steam version crashing to desktop random pauses, and incorrect max FPS.

You can read the full change log at Rockstars’ support portal.

Last but not least, a useful addition in the patch is the availability of a video card benchmark test, which you can access from the game’s main menu. This would help you greatly to measure the game’s performance, and tweak the settings.

Speaking of which, how does GTA V look on PC? Is it worth buying a copy if you still have the Enhanced Edition for a PS4 or Xbox One? What are the differences in the graphics settings?

These are some of the questions which arise in the minds of modern gamers, at least the very geeky ones. The game requires some very powerful hardware to run, and not everyone can afford a top-of-the-line Graphics Card. So choosing the right settings could still let you play the game, at the cost of sacrificing some graphics.

Fan Video:

Polish gamer wiliextreme, has uploaded a video of GTA V on to his YouTube channel. The video compares over a dozen Graphics settings on Normal, High and Ultra.

The video has garnered over 8,000 likes, and has been watched over 421,784 just three days after it was uploaded.

The video is just over 10 minutes long, but you can click on the video’s description to see the seek-bar time for each feature that the uploader has tested.

The video also has recommended settings to run th game on mid-range and high-end computers, at the end of the video.

Over all the game looks gorgeous, even on Normal settings.