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Hetman Partition Recovery 3.2 Review

Hetman Partition Recovery 3.2 Review

by April 7, 2015

Hetman Partition Recovery 3.2 Review

It is no secret that it is very easy to lose valuable data stored on the computer or any external devices. There are a lot of reasons why we may lose it, for example, a virus attack, system failure or simply accidental deleting. It is of no use to cry or complain saying “I am lost forever”; it is better to try to restore that data and get it back again. Fortunately, there are plenty of programs which help you to recover lost files and one of them is Hetman Partition Recovery 2.3.

The owner of the program is Hetman Software which is engaged in development of high quality applications for data recovery. The company was founded in 2006 and currently it has got offices in four countries- USA, Canada, Ukraine and Russia.

Hetman Software offers a wide range of programs and includes both all-in-one and comprehensive applications intended for thorough recovering of all kinds of data (for example, Hetman Data Recovery Pack-$149.99 or Hetman Partition Recovery-$99.99) or cheaper versions for certain file system (Hetman NTFS Recovery and Hetman FAT Recovery) and for specific file types (for instance, Hetman Photo Recovery, Hetman Office Recovery, etc.). All of them allow you to restore data lost during formatting, hardware failure, accidental deletion from the recycle bin, and so on. They support internal and external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards of various devices (for example, tablets, smartphones, etc.), SSD drives, NAS and RAID levels.

Download and Installation

You can download the latest version of the program from the developer website; it is very small- only 14 MB. There are two different versions- the standard EXE file and a portable version. You do not need to enter the license key during the installation, but the trial version has got a limited functionality. It allows you to search for deleted or lost files only; you cannot restore them; you must buy the full version to restore your files.

The installation process does not require any superior skills. It is very fast and easy. You must read and accept the license agreement, choose the desired install location and, finally, specify some installer options, for instance, desktop shortcuts, and so on. After performing all these steps, simply click Install button and the program will be installed less than in a minute and ready to use.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 4

Installation 5


The program has got a very simple and highly customizable interface which is similar to Windows operating system. It consists of Menu Bar (File, Edit, View, Tools and Help0 and the Toolbar which contains the most necessary and needed commands (but you can configure it by removing or adding some elements with the help of View Menu).

There are a full list of all disks and removable media presented on the computer on the left and the Preview Window on the right. In the center are located your local and physical drives.


The Main Features of the Program

The program is universal. It can restore files from deleted or corrupted partitions and formatted drives. It supports any file systems- FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32 and NTFS, and removable media-USB drives, memory cards, etc. You can recover any file type- music, video, images, documents, etc.

File Recovery

In my opinion the main advantage of the program lies in its simplicity. It is not required to be a computer specialist to search for deleted files and restore them; everything is extremely easy. With the help of File Recovery Wizard you can easily perform any required steps; just follow the detailed instructions of the program.

Only three simple steps are required to restore deleted files. They are as follows:

The First Step- Choose Disk– in this step you can choose a disk with deleted files. The program displays a full list of all hard drives, physical disks presented on your system and any removable media connected to the computer. Just select the desired disk or removable media and click Next.

File Recovery Wizard 1

The Second Step- Type of Analyses– in the second step you have the possibility to choose the scan method. The program offers two scanning methods- Fast and Full Analysis. During the fast scan the program performs cursory and quick analysis of the disks and removable media. It is very useful only in that case if you have just recently deleted some files; the probability of restoring them is very high. The scanning process is really very fast. It only takes 12 seconds to scan my hard drive which capacity is 465 GB. Anyway, the speed of analysis depends on the size of the scanned area, characteristics and parameters of the hard drive, etc.

I was really amazed with the results. Hetman Partition Recovery 2.3 was able to find 6.670 folders and 977.984 files.

The Full Analysis allows you to search for any available data. It includes three options:

NTFS, i.e. you can restore files from disks formatted as NTFS file system. The program supports all Windows versions from NT through Windows 8.

FAT– it allows you to recover deleted or damaged files from USB drives, memory cards, etc.

Content-aware analysis– this is a proprietary method developed by Hetman Software and it is based on thorough recognition of deleted files using special advanced algorithms.

Of course, the process of scanning is lengthier and more time-consuming. It takes about an hour but the number of found files and folders is more numerous. The program discovered more than one million files on my hard disk.

File Recovery Wizard 3

File Recovery Wizard 4

The Third Step– after scanning all found files and folders are displayed in the special window. The preview window located on the right allows you to view them and choose those files which you want to recover. With the help of Find File option you can specify some parameters, for example, search files by size or by date, search in hidden or system files, etc.

Find File

File Recovery Wizard 6

Hetman Partition recovery 2.3 offers four saving methods of restored files:

Save to Hard Disk, i.e. you can save restored files to your hard disk or any removable media, for example, USB drive, external hard drive, etc.

Save to Hard Disk 1

Save to Hard Disk 2

Burn to CD / DVD– you have the possibility to burn recovered files to CD or DVD disks. The program allows you to specify some burn options, i.e. burn speed and file system.

Burn to CD 3

Burn to CD 4

Create ISO Virtual Image– all recovered files can be saved as an ISO image file. Just specify the file system and the program will create an ISO file from your restored data.



Upload to FTP– just input the settings for the FTP server, i.e. server, username and password and all the files will be uploaded to FTP server.



Unfortunately, you cannot restore found files. You need to buy a full version of the program to save, burn or upload the files. I think it is worth buying it if you are satisfied with the results.

Find Lost Partition– the program contains a special tool which allows you to find and recover data from deleted disk partitions. Just choose the desired disk or removable media from the drop-down menu list, specify the system type (i.e. FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32 or NTFS) and, finally, select the size (i.e. full or partial). After clicking on the Find button the program will thoroughly search your disk and try to find your lost partition.

Find Lost Partition

HEX Editor– besides the basic functionality of searching and recovering deleted files, Hetman Partition Recovery offers a very powerful HEX Editor which allows you to view files, partitions and drive contents.

HEX-Eitor 1

Create and Mount Virtual Disk– you can create a virtual disk and mount it as a virtual drive.

Virtual Disk

System Requirements

Windows NT- Windows 8

64 MB of RAM


Hetman Partition recovery is a powerful and universal program for recovering corrupted disks and deleted files. It can work with all the types of file system (i.e. FAT and NTFS) and restore different types of files (office documents, multimedia files, archives, and so on). It supports various removable media including memory cards, flash drives, RAID and NAS levels and different devices, for example, MP3 player or smartphone.

Hetman Software does not offer to buy the program immediately; you can download and try it in which all the functionality is available with the exception of the possibility of restoring files. That means that you can scan the drive for deleted and lost files and try its performance. If the results are satisfactory, then you can purchase a license and restore all those files. I think it is worth that.



1. It can restore all file types- documents, photos, music, video, archives, etc.
2. It can recover data from formatted partitions, USB drives and memory cards, etc.
3. It has got a very simple and intuitive interface
and much more


None. The program does everything perfectly

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