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How to add Desktop Gadgets in Windows 10

How to add Desktop Gadgets in Windows 10

by AshwinJune 10, 2015

As you may have heard, Microsoft is removing several features from Windows 10.

This includes Desktop Gadgets, which was a popular feature in Windows 7.

Microsoft actually removed support for Desktop Gadgets in Windows 8, which was launched three years ago. But, just because the Redmond Company is removing the feature, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use Desktop Gadgets in Windows 10. You can easily add Desktop Gadgets with the help of some third party applications.

For this tutorial, We are going to be using a popular app called 8GadgetPack. It was originally designed to work with Windows 8, but is also compatible with Windows 10.

How to add Desktop Gadgets in Windows 10:

1. First, head over to the official web-page of 8GadgetPack, and download the installer for the application.
2. Once, you have downloaded the file, run the exe, and install the app.
3. Now, head to your desktop. Right click anywhere on the screen to bring up the context menu.
4. You should now see an option called “Gadgets”, which can be found between Display Settings and Personalize.
5. Click on the option and you will see a Window pop up with a lot of Gadgets to choose from.
6. Right click on the gadget you want and select “Add”, or just click on the gadget and drag it to your desktop and they will be added there.


You can choose to have the Windows 7 Sidebar, or even close it. The gadgets will still work fine. You can drag the Gadgets and place them anywhere on your desktop. If you choose to have the sidebar, right click on it and select “Options” to customize the way it works, and its appearance. For example, by default it takes on the colour of your taskbar, but you can disable it.

Gadget Settings:

Similarly, you can right click on any gadget to access its options and change some settings. You can also do so by hovering the mouse cursor over a gadget and clicking on the wrench icon.

You can also set the opacity of a gadget, and switch between large and small size, and pin the app to always be on top.

If you want to make all Gadgets larger, you can do so by right clicking on a gadget and selecting 8GadgetPack Tools. It has many other useful options too, and can be also accessed from the Start Menu.


Note however, that not all Gadgets are perfect and sometimes may throw up an error. For example: One of the Weather gadgets doesn’t work for me, although it used to work earlier. It may be a server error.

Hope you found this guide useful.