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How to add or remove system folders from the Start Menu

How to add or remove system folders from the Start Menu

by AshwinFebruary 24, 2016

The most useful, yet most hated part of Windows 10, is probably the Start Menu.

Choose Which folders appear on Start 3

It isn’t even close to the one which we have grown accustomed to since the days of Windows XP, and of course the much improved one in Windows 7.

The Windows 10 Start Menu is customizable to some extent but the changes you can make to it are very basic, and is actually the very reason why third-party Start Menu apps like Start10 is very popular. It even proves that users are willing to shell out some money for a premium app, just to get the basic functions back on their computers.

If only Microsoft realized this, more users would make the switch to Windows 10 happily. So, what is it about the Start Menu which makes users avoid it? The obvious reason is Start Tiles, aka the right pane of the Windows 10 Start Menu. This is definitely one of the most unpopular features from Windows 8, and continues to be so on 10. Secondly, the absence of various shortcuts to the different parts of the operating system is a major letdown.

But there is a simple way to add more shortcuts to the Start Menu. I’m not talking about Live Tiles, instead I’m talking about the System Folders, the ones which Windows’ File Explorer ships with by default. You can save a few seconds with these shortcuts, which you would otherwise wasted by opening File Explorer and manually navigating to the specific folder.

How to add or remove system folders from the Start Menu:

1. Click on the Start Menu and open the Settings App.

2. Now click on the “Personalization” tab option.

3. In the sidebar to the left of the window, select the last option, “Start”.

4. On the right pane, scroll down to the very end of the list.

5. Click on the option which says “Choose Which folders appear on Start”.

Choose Which folders appear on Start

6. Select the ones you want to add to the Start Menu. Any changes you make are instantaneous, i.e., these folders will immediately be added to the Start Menu. You don’t even have to reboot or log off.

Choose Which folders appear on Start Windows 10
Note: These folders all have the official icons similar to File Explorer and Settings, and are placed directly above the power button.

It would have been wiser to place these options directly on the Start Menu, but Microsoft did ruin the popular Start Menu of Windows 7, so it is unlikely that anything user friendly will be added.