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How to add spell check to Notepad++

How to add spell check to Notepad++

by AshwinSeptember 15, 2015

Tech savvy users maybe aware of what Notepad++ is, but if that’s a new term to you, allow me to explain.

DSpellCheck Notepad++

Notepad++ is a word processor or text editor, as some people prefer to call it, and is mostly used by programmers, for its advanced capabilities.

But, it can be an excellent replacement for Notepad, the built in text editor in Windows. The main reason I use Notepad++ is because it is updated frequently, and that it supports plugins too. These plugins are add-ons from various developers, and often provide incredibly useful features.

Recently, an update to Notepad++ broke Spell Check, at least for me. So I decided to switch to a new plugin, which unfortunately wasn’t as good as the old one I was using, DSpellCheck. I recently added it back.

So, How to add spell check to Notepad++ ? Here’s how:

1.  Open Notepad++  and click on the “Plugins” option in the toolbar of the app, and select the Plugin Manager
2. Click on show Plugin Manager.
3. This is the repository from where you download the plugins.
4. Scroll down or tap “D” to navigate to “DSpellCheck”
5. Check the box beside it, and click on the install button.

The plugin should now download and install on your PC. Once it has been added, Notepad++ will prompt you to restart the application, so save all your open documents and restart the application.

Switch back to Notepad++ and click on Plugins > DSpellCheck. Now click on settings. This should bring up a small pop-up window, with options to download dictionaries for other languages.

Another plugin: Spell Checker (by Jens Lorenz)

If DSpellCheck has issues, this is a safe option to fall back to. Repeat the steps 1 to 3 mentioned above and install the “Spell Checker” (by Jens Lorenz). Restart Notepad++ and proceed

This one is slightly complicated to use in that you need to manually enable the dictionary for spell checking, and for that you need to download a small app called ASpell . It is an open source spell checker application. Download it and the language for it, which you need the dictionary for. Install the application and the dictionary. Now, you still aren’t done yet. We are at the final step here, so pay attention to this step.

You will need to open Notepad++ and Plugins. Click on Spell Checker, and you should get a small pop-up asking you to point the plugin to the installation folder of Aspell, more specifically a DLL file. Usually it can be found under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspell\bin”.

Copy and paste the folder location without the quotes into it, and you are good to go.