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How to change the color of folder icons in Windows

How to change the color of folder icons in Windows

by AshwinMarch 1, 2016

We have seen many articles on customizing Windows here at Filecritic.

Folder Colorizer Windows 10

And here is another one for you.

Windows by default has several folders in its default setting. These are Documents, Downloads, Music, etc. Most apps save their content to one of these library folders by default. But there are times when you wish to save content in a custom folder. How do you quickly identify which folder to save the content in?

Ever wished you can change color of a folder’s icon, to mark it as important? You can, and very easily too. The only issue here is that you will need a third party app for this feature.

How to change the color of folder icons in Windows

1. Download Folder Colorizer from the Softorino website, and install it on your computer.
2. Right-click on any folder for which you wish to change the color.
3. Select the context menu item which says Colorize.
4. Now pick one of the colors from the menu.
5. It should change the color of the folder instantly.

You don’t have to restart the computer or even close File Explorer, as the effect is instantaneous. To restore the default color

You may have noticed that Folder Colorizer has no GUI, well not one you can run from the Start Menu Program Files (even though there is a an EXE file). This is because it is only configured to run from the Windows File Explorer context menu. But you can access the app’s interface using the same menu.

Follow the above steps 1 to 3, and select the option which says “Other colors”. This will bring up the interface of Folder Colorizer, using which you can add or remove colors from the context menu (which were mentioned in step 4). To add a new color, use the palette, clicking on an area will display the name of the color and also allow you to add it to the context menu using the “+ add color” button.

The change in the folder icon’s color, is reflected in every size of the icon, from the small icons to extra large ones.

Folder Colorizer Windows

A notable thing worth mentioning, is the fact that you can uninstall Folder Colorizer, and all the folder icons for which you changed the color, will still have their new color. To disable them you will need to reinstall the application as I told you above.

Thought the website does not mention support for Windows 10, Folder Colorizer works perfectly fine with it.